Did you know money is important? There is no question that money is important in the world in which we live – often too important.

  • Wars are fought over it.
  • Lives are lost in the pursuit of it.
  • Families are devastated by the lack or excess of it.
  • People consume their lives in the desire and management of it.
  • Churches loose focus in pleading for it.


At Mosaic we desire to follow God in the ways of Jesus. This has implication on all areas of our lives, including money. While the issue of giving of our money is an important part, it is not the only part. The way of Jesus calls on how we spend our money, how we view money, what we pursue in our lives in relationship with money and of course the giving of our money.

Certainly many communities of faith have lost their way in the pursuit of the right use of money, and we should always live in awareness of this. With that humbling realization clearly in mind, we must seek as a community to live in the way of Jesus in our lives with money both collectively and individually. Money must never become our focus, but it must never fall from care.

If you are a part of the Mosaic community we believe that cheerfully and sacrificially giving of our finances is a continuation of our Worship for God. If you are outside of the Mosaic Community but you want to give above and beyond what you are giving to your local community we appreciate your generosity and support. Thank you for your trust in what God is doing through the body of Mosaic and for your commitment and contribution to Mosaic.

You can give in three ways:

1. You can give at any of our Sunday Gatherings
2. You can mail your tithes & offering to: Mosaic, P. O. Box 60604, Nashville, TN 37206
3. Or you can give securely online.