our story

Years ago, eight people sat in a small room, curious to the things of Jesus. They were dreamers and foreshadowers of a spiritual journey that would flow out into a world less interested in the gospel than it was the day before. It was not shaped by the lack of churches that surrounded them but rather from a desire to see church done differently.

A few months before this small group formed, this vision was birthed from a coffee house where the question was asked, “Why can’t church be like this, sitting around in an informal environment discussing the things of Jesus?”

It was here that Mosaic was dreamed into discussion and into action.

Mosaic has been a people from the start. Buildings have never defined these people, but a simple love for people interested in the things of Jesus and a heart bent toward caring for the least of these. From the start, Mosaic has dared to be missional in concept and transparent in example.


Mosaic represents a picture, a picture that embodies brokenness and symbolism. It is a name that stirs conversation and spins into a beautiful idea of broken people coming together to reflect something glorious. We are a family, made up of many parts trying to allow light to shine through us corporately.


Mosaic seeks to be a gospel-centered community in our approach to teaching from the Holy Scriptures and in application in living out our faith daily in the world. We are convinced that Jesus changed everything and in living a gospel-centered life, we believe the hope of Christ might be revealed in and through us.

We are a faith family that balances the tough sayings of Jesus in the first century with the mandated call of Holiness in our culture. We are content on leaving questions unanswered, if that means we point to the unfathomable greatness of our God.

However, the knowability of God through Christ is an aspect of the spiritual journey. We have open doors to those seeking to know more about Jesus and Christianity and we strive to present the truth of the Word to every man, women, and child that enters our conversation.

The emphasis toward missional living is a key part of the dialogue and language of Mosaic. We are consistently trying to erase the ties between church and a building. Sunday gatherings are a part of who we are, but we are hoping to align our people with disassociation between a place to go to and the word church.

Multi-generational dream

Mosaic is a place comprised of every generation. There are no closed doors to any age group or generational demographic. Ideally, Mosaic’s older generations will mentor those in younger generations. All of our gatherings, including community groups are multi-generational for this reason. The spiritual development of families as a whole are important within Mosaic and we think that is best accomplished by being around those older & younger than one’s self.


The arts are a large part of our unique design within Mosaic. In our gathering times, we use the talents and creativity given to individuals to express the love of God and the gospel of Jesus. This is seen in, but not limited to: visual art, music, poetry, photography, and responsive readings.