Gary Morgan | Pastor

Gary Morgan lives in east Nashville where he does life with his wife Johni and his two daughters McKenna (15) and Story (11). Gary has engaged in ministry in a wide variety of settings include a student ministry coordinator with Centrifuge, a youth pastor with Churches in Franklin, Tn, Morristown, Tn. Baton Rouge, La, Windermere Fla. and is currently the Lead Pastor of Mosaic Nashville.

Gary, loves reading, conversation, laughter, and hearing stories about others spiritual journeys. Gary is known for his passion for relationships, his creative speaking style and his value for community. Gary has been married for 20 years to Johni, who is a mercy-oriented lover of life and people. She enjoys recipes and horror movies; we are still trying to figure out that mix.

Gary holds a bachelor of arts in Christian Studies from Union University, a Masters in Religious Education from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and is an ongoing learner of culture and theology.

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Micah Watson| Worship and Creative Arts Director


Micah is the new person to the Mosaic Team. He will begin to serve with the Mosaic community March 1st 2016.

Micah was born just north of Atlanta GA, Micah spent most of his early life as a missionary kid with his parents overseas. “Basically from age three until I was eighteen my parents and I lived in Jerusalem, Israel. My father was passionate about making the name of Jesus known, he was a man of tremendous faith, and depended wholly on God.”

Micah came to follow in the ways of Jesus as a high school student and at the urging of his youth minister picked up his first guitar and began to learn the craft.

Micah now lives in Nashville, is married to Allison (Alli), and has 4 children, Coleman, Gabe, Henry and Millie. Micah drives The Clementine Agency, which connects artists and speakers to the local church. Gary and Micah met serving together in student summer camps and have been friends for some 14 years.


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Johni Morgan | Mosaic Kids

Johni has been married to Gary for 21 years. Johni is a mercy-oriented lover of life and people. She enjoys recipes and horror movies; we are still trying to figure out that mix.

Johni is originally from Texas and has Bachelor of Science degree in Health, Physical Education and Recreation with certification in K-12 from Oklahoma Baptist University. After teaching and coaching through the years, Johni now teaches a preschool class at Eastwood Christian Children’s Center in historic East Nashville.

Johni has a knack for all things “kids” and “play” and a passion for transformation and life change that only the Holy Spirit can do. So, strategically placing her in the lives of our kids here at Mosaic is one of the most natural places for her to serve.

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