what to expect

Entering into a new place for the first time can be quite an intimidating experience. Entering somewhere that claims to be a “church” makes things a little stranger. We hope to give you a small picture of what to expect if you were to join us for one of our gatherings. We know that this won’t make things completely easy because there is still the element of the unknown.

Here are a few things that we hope will ease things a little bit in no particular order. Click on the arrows to reveal more about what to expect.


As you drive up, you will probably notice that we don’t meet in a typical church. We meet in a corporate office building. Our space is actually a decent representation of our community. Its not all that attractive on the outside, but we’re pretty sure when you get inside you will find a sense of beauty.


We make a conscious effort for our worship gatherings to be sure to have an emphasis on how we are called to be a church that cares for others before ourselves. Different aspects of our gatherings are intentionally focused on this important part of being a church. If we are truly to be “a church for the sake of the world” it must be seen not only in the way serve throughout the week, but also in the way we worship on Sunday mornings.


We think we’re pretty lucky to have a group of Nashville’s finest musicians who are very gifted and enjoy leading our community in worship through music.


For us, the Bible is the primary authority that shapes us for how we live as a community in the world. We believe that the story the Bible tells, while sometimes hard to fully grasp, gives us a glimpse into who God is and wants us to be. Our reading of the text and preaching from the narrative each Sunday is a reflection of this value.

Mosaic Kids

Kids enter with families, enjoy something from the hospitality bar (hot chocolate is a fan fav) and then they dive into the Kid’s Corner (an area designed for kids). During the beginning of our gathering, we all worship together. When the kids see us worship they begin to feel the freedom to join in and eventually they worship on their own. In a very casual natural way, we spend time investing into their lives and they are doing the same for all of us. Then, to further their growth, we set aside a time (Mosaic Kids) to focus on the bible and their individual relationship with God. Although, this is what is taking place in the large gathering time, it is important to remember the methods of teaching/learning in Mosaic Kids are developmentally appropriate. So, we do break away in order focus directly on our children.


It’s likely that it is not necessary to say this, but we will anyways, “there is no dress code.” If you want to wear a three-piece suit, a dress or jeans, shorts and t-shirt it doesn’t really matter. You are free to dress as you are comfortable. We know that some traditions feel that you should “wear your best” for a church service. While we see the value in this, we think God is a lot less concerned about our dress than he is the state of our hearts.


People often say that the centerpiece to our Sunday morning is community. Whether it’s the 5-10 minute conversation/greeting time in the middle of the service, worshipping together or even a Q & A time during the message we understand and want to practice the fact that we are in this “faith thing” together.


While community is important, we want to give space to people to engage our community on their own terms. We pray that you will find our community a place where you can safely explore faith without being beaten over the head. It does not mean we don’t call each other on the carpet when needed. It just means that we work hard to respect people’s place in life and try to give room for authentic and healthy living.


More than likely you’ll notice a lot of really diverse and exceptional art when you come in. While people who do not call Mosaic their church home do much of the art, we do have a number of gifted artists in our community. Often, you will see some of our artists painting during the service.

And, of course, the best way to know what exactly to expect is to join us. We gather together corporately every Sunday @ 10:15am.