Mosaic is not a place to go, it is a people to belong to

1. WHEN – It seems the most important criteria for selecting a community group to plug into is when they meet. In Mosaic, community groups intentionally meet at different times and nights during the week. They are arranged on the community group info sheet chronologically starting with a Monday night group. Currently there are no groups meeting Friday – Sunday. Most community groups meet the 2nd and 4th weeks of the month. This provides time for families to also plug into other Mosaic gatherings likes The Table (modern day potluck), The Becoming (A first look at who we are and what we’re about) and Taste and See (a quarterly leadership conversation).

2. WHERE – Community groups gather in homes, but also in other kinds of spaces. Some groups meet in coffeehouses and some in parks. The spaces vary, but the purpose is the same: small groups of people gathering to share life, tell stories, eat meals, pray, serve and grow together in Jesus Christ. Currently, all community groups are hosted in the homes of Mosaic members all over the greater Nashville area. Check the information sheet for specific locations.

3. WHAT – All community groups are “OPEN.” That means there is never a wrong week to attend. You will never enter a group in the middle of a study. Community groups are designed that new people can always plug straight in. Community groups do different things because different groups of friends do different things. Although they may take up different activities, each group is an expression of church and will therefore take time to worship, pray, reflect on scripture and engage in a group ministry in the world, because that’s what followers of Jesus do… without these things (worship, prayer, scripture reflection and mission), you have a club, but not a church.

4. WHO – All of our community groups in Mosaic are designed to be a multigenerational group of people sharing a journey. That means there is no group for young couples, or parents, singles adults or college students. Fundamental to the Mosaic identity is belief that our differences make us stronger. Each community group will reflect a variety of people at different places in the journey intentionally choosing to do life together.

5. HOW – How do you plug in? You can always feel free to just “show up” at a regularly schedule community group. Because different groups schedule their time differently it may be helpful to contact the host in advance to confirm their regular schedule. You might also want someone to contact you. Just fill out a communication card and someone will contact you.

For more on community group locations and times.

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