Happy New Year

Happy New Year

We are going to start the year off examining some of the questions asked by us and God and as well.

We often ask questions because we are seeking information – but God doesn’t because He already knows all things. Rather, He usually asks questions as a wise counselor – to help us realize what our real needs are, the inadequacy of our attempts to meet those needs, and thus to be willing to receive the help He wants to give us.

When God asks us a question, we really need to sit up and pay attention. When He tells us, “Come, let us discuss this,” says the Lord.”(Isaiah 1:18), the Lord is inviting us to ponder along with the Almighty! What a privilege.

Thus, we believe it would be good to take a moment in the start of this new year to review who we are and where we are going.

So, join us Sunday January 8th as we explore, “Who we are and Where we are Going”, from Luke 14:25-28.

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