Communication with the Mosaic Community

Communication with the Mosaic Community

We have a great opportunity as a Church Community to encourage and walk alongside a diverse community here in Nashville. In order to do this It is our responsibility to do our best to connect and communicate well.

With that, we have decided to utilize a form of communication that is common to us,TEXTING. Not only will this help us connect with guests and provide information about Mosaic and opportunities to get connected, we will also use it to keep our congregation in the loop of Mosaic life, events, announcements, etc.

Take a moment to jot down the number we are using, 615-543-5345. You can also text back to this number with questions, comments, concerns, or prayer requests. If your are new or a guest and would like more information, please text “connect” to [615-543-5345]

Again we are excited to see how we can continue to utilize all the tools that God allows us to have as we grow in becoming more effective for Him and His kingdom here at Mosaic.
Here are a few of the creative ways in which Mosaic will utilize this form of communication in future …

1. Community Communication: We can effectively relay communication to the Mosaic community about new sermon series, events within the church, and needs that might need to be addressed within the congregation.

2. Emergency Alerts: We hope we never have to use an emergency alert. Having the ability to send messages in a matter of minutes to your entire community can be a huge blessing.

3. Communicate With Serving Teams: Setting up a specific group for service teams, volunteer projects, and specific ministry teams can allow us to communicate with each individual group in a timely manner and allow for two-way conversation. The communication flow can enhance all the aspects of the serving experience.

4. Community Service: The ability to quickly communicate with those serving and/or leading greatly aids a given community service project.

5. Prayer Requests: Receiving a quick message about prayer needs can allow people to take a moment and enter into communication with God and allow for not just a few but the entire church to pray for the needs of others.

6. Specific Groups: Having the ability to break down communication to specific groups can become advantageous so that you are not wasting time with unneeded communication while running the risk of forgetting to communicate to another person. Group-specific messaging will allow us to become an effective communicator both on and off stage.

7. Request Sermon Suggestions: Setting up a SMS feature for sermon suggestions.

8. Receive RSVP’s to Events: If you have ever had to coordinate an event, you know the importance of gaining an accurate count of who will be attending. By setting up a group for the event, we can have them RSVP and gain accurate counts so that you can have great events!

9. Send Scripture Encouragement: Having the ability to send out a scripture as a way of encouraging the community.

10. Ask Questions: Having the ability to text in questions about the sermon, the church, an event or ministry can allow for a greater understanding of Mosaic’s ministry.

111. Follow-up With New Followers of Christ: Nothing is more critical than the follow-up of a new believer. They have just come into the faith and will have a lot of questions and need for discipleship and spiritual growth. Having the ability to facilitate the follow-up process via SMS can be extremely impactful!

We are excited to utilize the simplicity of the technology as we focus on the mission God has given us. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, and we would be happy to walk through them with you.

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