Week 1 of 21 Days of Prayer

Week 1 of 21 Days of Prayer

Begin Week 1 of the journey by taking some time to read Acts 1:12-15.

This takes place after Jesus ascended into heaven following the resurrection. The church, at that point made up of 120 people, went back to the upper room. Look at verse 14. “All these were continually united in prayer.”

There were four basic divisions – gender, race, geography and theology – but now men and women were together. Go to Acts 2:1; “1 When the day of Pentecost had arrived, they were all together in one place.” Pentecost was the day that God gave his Spirit “. They were all together in one place.”

Unity makes the way for the out-pouring of Pentecost. In verses five and nine, there were devout Jews from every nation under heaven, showing diversity of people.

So, let’s continue the movement of God by praying & reading together with one heart and soul this week.

Encounter God and Pray:

Monday August 8th
…that God might exalt His name in the community. — Exodus 34:5; Psalm 46:10

Tuesday August 9th
…that God will extend his Kingdom in this community. — Matthew 6:10

Wednesday August 10th
…that God would cause our hearts to break for those in this community without Christ. — John 4:35

Thursday August 11th
…that God will bring together those who will join others in prayer for the community. —Luke 10:2

Friday August 12th
…that God will reveal “persons of peace,” in this community. — Acts 10 & Acts 16

Saturday August 13th
…that God will give “signs and wonders” among those not following Christ.
— 1 Thess. 1:9-10

Sunday August 14th
…that the children of God living in the community exalt God and his son Jesus Christ.
Acts 4:29

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