The Gospel, Music and Worship in the life of the Mosaic Community

Over that last seven months Mosaic has embarked on a transitional season with our Worship & Creative Arts team during the Sunday Gatherings. Our desire has been to continue to see the Gospel, music, and worship intersect for the glory of Christ, to continue to live the rhythm of gathering together to celebrate God’s extravagant blessings and celebrate His goodness and grace.

During this transitional time we have been lead in worship music by a variety of worship leaders – some from within the Mosaic Community and others who are friends and guests. We are thankful to the Father for His direction and provision during this transitional time.

With God’s guidance, we believe we are at a point now that we would like to bring alongside of the Mosaic community a Worship and Creative Arts Leader to take new steps in cultivating our Mosaic worship services and worship teams.

The Role & Responsibilities of the Worship & Creative Arts Leader

The Worship & Creative Arts Leader will work closely with our pastor in cultivating worship services and worship teams that help lead our congregation to see and savor the greatness of God in Jesus Christ. It is our primary desire and prayer to see that the Mosaic community and the creatives are formed around the gospel, our new identity in Jesus and the rhythms in which He and His followers lived.

Responsible to: Worship & Creative Arts Leader will be accountable to the Pastor and Elders and will keep them informed about the spiritual health of the creative community.

Prerequisites for Leadership:
• Faith in Christ
• Covenant Relationship with Mosaic (or in process)
• Faithful attendance at Mosaic Gatherings
• A healthy, growing relationship with God
• Be an active part of the ongoing life of Mosaic
• Has a steady spiritual life and gospel-centered lifestyle as a Worshiper, Family member, Missionary, Servant, and Learner
• If married, strives for a solid, gospel-centered marriage: an example of a redemptive relationship
• Stewards resources in a godly way, as an example to the body
• Joyfully submits to Mosaic’s leadership by supporting, discipling, and shepherding in consistency with church teaching
• Lives with gospel intentionality in the ordinary rhythms– Story Formed, Listens, Celebrates, Blesses, Eats and Recreates

Worship & Creative Arts Leader Job Description

1. Weekend worship leading:
• Leads the congregation toward authentic worship, through modeling and teaching such worship.
• Leads Sunday services and rehearsals.

2. Ministry development:

• Oversees the recruiting, scheduling, and development of instrumentalists, vocalists, songwriters, sound technicians, and computer technicians.
• Develops Band Leaders.
• Develops other Worship Leaders.
• Assists in the development of an intern program.
• Assists Pastor in bi/monthly worship team/creative gatherings.
• Assist Pastor in bi/monthly worship team creative gathering.
• Finds songs to introduce in worship and prepares the music charts for them. Spends time listening to new music. Reads up on theology, music/worship theology and goings-on, etc.

3. Worship service planning: Plans, schedules, leads, and coordinates the operation of corporate worship services. Spends time engaging with weekly passages and taking time to intentionally pray and consider what songs are going to feed people most effectively and help them respond to God’s word and presence. Develops a team to come alongside in this venture.

4. Participates in: ministers to and with the Mosaic family/plans and evaluates worship gatherings.

5. Music-centric work: arranges, writes, practices, records, and song writes

6. Ministry-centric work Prepares training and teachings for worship team, meets with worship team members for lunch/coffee, long-term planning and calendar management.

7. Basic administrative duties: Oversees Pro Presenter presentations, Planning Center/service outlines, chord charts, scheduling worship team members, equipment set up, and the recording of worship services. Communicates effectively with the entire Creative Team.

8. Miscellaneous: Manages liturgical aspects, special services, assignments given by the pastor, etc.

How will we choose Mosaic Staff/Ministers.

As our community continues to develop, the elders will continue to watch closely for areas of leadership needs in our community and for those who might be able to fulfill those needs. When someone who meets these qualifications comes to our attention, we may ask that person to consider the role.

As they began that consideration, they will then complete a self-evaluation based on the above qualifications, followed by an informal interview with the elders to process the result. The elders may choose to question the candidate on life issues, doctrinal issues, relational issues and may also spend time in conversation with the spouse (if applicable) and friends.

Other Mosaic leadership will be brought into the conversation and feedback. Should no red flags be raised, and if the elders and candidate are willing to proceed, the last step will be to bring that person’s name before the entire community and ask for private feedback as to whether anyone knows of any reason the candidate should not serve in this role. After an appropriate time (2-3 weeks), if no irresolvable issues surface, that person will be confirmed to the role.

The Person: Micah Watson

12046995_10208153083487434_7533523603438699927_nAs elders, we would like to bring before the Mosaic Community for consideration as the Worship and Creative Arts Leader, Micah Watson.

Micah was born just north of Atlanta GA, Micah spent most of his early life as a missionary kid with his parents overseas. “Basically from age three until I was eighteen my parents and I lived in Jerusalem, Israel. My father was passionate about making the name of Jesus known, he was a man of tremendous faith, and depended wholly on God.”

Micah came to follow in the ways of Jesus as a high school student and at the urging of his youth minister picked up his first guitar and began to learn the craft.

Micah now lives in Nashville, is married to Allison (Alli), and has 4 children who are doing life with us today. Micah drives The Clementine Agency, which connects artists and speakers to the local church. Gary and Micah met serving together in student summer camps and have been friends for some 14 years.

Your part is this: over the next couple of weeks if you have questions or comments about Micah coming alongside Mosaic as a Worship and Creative Arts Leader please let us know.

Take the opportunity to pray for Micah, Alli and their family as they are engaging in this process with us.

Should we hear nothing that raises red flags or derails the process, by February 21st we will ask Micah to serve as the Worship and Creative Arts Leader of Mosaic and begin to take on all tasks in that position March 1st. If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to talk or contact Gary or Contact Bobby.

Thanks everyone!

Gary Morgan & Bobby Reed

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