Walking with the Spirit

Walking with the Spirit

In John 14-16, Jesus prepares His disciples for struggles, a troubled life, and His departure by telling them that this will prepare the way for the coming of the Holy Spirit.
He calls the Holy Spirit “the Helper”— not in the sense that He will assist them as they do most of the work—but as the One who does the heavy lifting like Jesus did when He was with them.

The Holy Spirit provides His help to Christ Followers in a variety of ways:

1. He helps you to relate personally to God (Romans 8:15,16). You used to pray only in times of great need, and in impersonal ways. But now you find yourself talking to God informally about what you’re thinking and feeling—and you sense He is somehow helping you do this so you can know you are His beloved child.

2. He makes the Bible come alive (1 Corinthians 2:12). It’s not that you suddenly understand everything it says, but what it says about God, you, others, etc. starts to become understandable and personally relevant to you.

3. He sensitizes your conscience (Ephesians 4:30,31). You still sin—in fact, you are far more aware of this—but you can’t enjoy it like you used to because God’s Spirit pierces your heart.

4. He gives you a special bond with other Christians (Philippans 2:1). When you discover that someone you already know is a Christian, you are glad and want to talk with them about the Person you have in common. When someone you know becomes a Christian, you have a new and deeper kinship.

5. He gives you the desire to defend Jesus and share your faith (Acts 1:8). You never used to care what people thought about Jesus, but now you’re pained when people defame Him and you want to tell people that you believe in Him.

6. He delivers you from destructive habits (Galatians 5:16). Sometimes you just lose the desire to do what enslaved you. More often, He gradually weakens the desire as you replace it with other healthy desires/habits.

7. He prompts you to love people in specific ways (Acts 8:26-38). You sense His specific guidance to encourage a brother or sister—and discover after doing that they were discouraged or in doubt. You sense that He wants you to help someone at work—and this leads to an opportunity to tell them about Christ.

8. He gives you peace and hope in spite of difficult circumstances (Romans 15:13). They still hurt, but they don’t devastate you because you sense that Jesus is with you, and that He will help you through this and bring good out of it.

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