My Story

My Story

What story are we living in, God’s or our own?

“For what does it profit a person if he pursues a story of personal gain that makes his soul languish and his character miss its chance to really come to life? It would be better to lose that selfish story, to abandon that plot line, and to enter God’s better story…”

We need to acknowledge that our story has been hijacked; and that all of us are, to some degree, passive participants or even co-conspirators in the hijacking; and that our misdirected story needs to be reclaimed, saved, redeemed, and set right; and that, for this to happen, God has to step into our story and absorb an unfathomable infliction of pain, so we won’t suffer it ourselves, so our story won’t have a tragic end.

We can come to repentance and put our faith and trust in God through Jesus, realign our lives with God’s hopes and dreams and purposes.

In the four-week series, “My Story, Living the story you want to Tell”, we will explore biblical examples of those whose lives/stories had been formed in accordance with God’s overarching story.

Join us in the venture.

thanks to Scott Pederson who is pastor of the Greenwich Vineyard in London, for thoughts & ideas from the retelling of “The Story We Find Ourselves In”

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