Covenant Relationship Q & A

Covenant Relationship Q & A

Hey, Mosaic.

Thanks for all the questions and conversations about the Mosaic Nashville “Covenant Relationship” initiative.

Here are two of the questions we have received and our responses.

“Hey Gary, what do we really mean by the phrase “covenant relationship”?”

“What do we mean by “covenant relationship”, and how does this affect our understanding of being a part of the Mosaic Community?”

These are good questions. Think about it this way, the term “covenant” means “formal agreement,” “solemn promise,” or “public commitment.”

This relates to the Mosaic Nashville initiative in two important ways.

First, when we describe being apart of a church as being in “covenant relationship” to a local community of believers, we are saying that by becoming a part of a particular church, we are not simply entering into rights and privileges, but we are assuming certain responsibilities and obligations.

The Scriptures call us to love one another, outdo one another in showing honor, live in harmony with one another, instruct, greet, comfort, serve, bear the burdens of, forgive, encourage, always seek to do good to, exhort, stir up to love and good works, celebrate with, confess your sins to, pray for and show hospitality to one another. (Romans 12:10-16; Hebrews 10:24-25; Acts 2:42-47)

Second, a “covenant relationship” is more than simply being committed. I may be committed to refrain from coffee for a week (a purely imaginary idea, of course!). However, such a commitment becomes a covenant relationship when I publicly acknowledge my commitment before others as a formal promise or solemn vow.

In the same way, regular attenders at a church may be “committed” to showing up week after week. But those who have formally entered into a covenant relationship have made a “covenant” when they have affirmed their faithfulness to carry out their biblical responsibilities as members of a local body of believers.

I hope this gives some added foundation to the Mosaic Nashville Covenant Relationship Initiative.


For more see the Covenant Relationship Materials or Contact Mosaic with any questions

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