Winter Preview

Winter Preview

Winter … when your car won’t start, the water spigot outside bursts and sprays water inside and outside the house, the air is really cold, and one thinks about imitating Flick by sticking your tongue to an icy flag pole.
Winter seemly is a grey dark season that we at Mosaic believe can be enhanced by Living the Story of God with others.
So, do life in the ways of Jesus with others this winter with incredible ways to learn, grow and connect with the Mosaic Community.


Mosaic in the New Year
Sundays January 4th & January 11th

mosaicnashville2-livingMosaic begins the New Year with a two week series about what we believe God called us to years ago and how He’s clarified and refined our vision over these last years as we better know Him, better know ourselves as the Church, and better understand the mission to which He’s called us here in Nashville and the world.

Our prayer is that we walk away with a clearer understanding and affection for the Church, the role of the Church in the world, and how this role and mission can be accomplished with the Gospel.
Our hope is that this exploration strengthens us as we live in God’s Gospel, as God’s People and in God’s World.


With/Without … a series from Ecclesiastes
Sundays January 18th through March 22nd

2015-WithWithout3Do you grasp the ideal that all are yearning for a purpose to exist? A purpose weighty enough, big enough, consuming enough, that it grabs us and requires our attention.

In “With/Without”, the question we are asking is this, “What is the reason for our existence? What is our ultimate purpose? What’s this life all about? Is a life possible that will plumb the depths of our passions and sustain us until we breathe our last?”

We invite you to go on this journey, an exploration, waiting to be taken by all, let’s travel!

Worship and Brunch Sunday
Sunday January 11th & March 8th


Bring your fav brunch food or beverage for the Community to enjoy and experience a morning of music, teaching, community, conversation and tasty brunch foods. Join in as we do life with others in the ways of Jesus.


Worship in the Round
Sunday February 1st

in the round An Interactive, engaging and just a fun atmosphere is how one might describe this morning. This is a morning where we find strength and encouragement with the family of God as we worship shoulder to shoulder.


John 3:16 For God loved the world in this way: He gave His One and Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.


Winter Community Groups
Groups begin 01.12.15

Within Mosaic, our common life in Christ starts at home and among friends. Mosaic will be a church of people rather than a place you go. Join in as Mosaic community groups begin their winter session around Nashville. For locations, time and more information.

January 12th //January 26th -29th
February 9th -12th // February 23rd – 26th
March 9th – 12th //March 23rd – 26th


Guys 3’s & 4’s

itemWhat are they? Guy’s 3’s & 4’s are a small group gathering for the purpose of intentional discipleship using simple rhythms to grow in one’s faith with others 

Why 3’s & 4’s? Mosaic desires and prays that our lives are formed around the Gospel, our new identity in Jesus and the rhythms in which He and His followers lived. We believe that this formation (life change) takes place best in the context of relationships.

What is the purpose? The purpose is to learn from each other to walk more effectively in the ways of Jesus and encourage Gospel-focused living.

When will they begin? There will be an interest meeting at the Morgan Abode on Friday evening January 9th at 6:30 & Sunday evening January 11th at 5:00 then the 3’s & 4’s will begin in early February 2015.


Connecting with Community

LegoPeopleWalking into a community for the first time can be a threatening thing… we try to be welcoming and helpful to everyone who comes through the door, but we recognize that it takes some times to get one’s bearings. With that in mind, here are some of the ways you can become integrated into the MOSAIC community.

Hang out before and after our gatherings on Sunday– get to know some new people, greet others, have lunch with some new people, discuss the morning and your week.

Welcome Coffee- When someone’s been around for a couple of weeks, we try to hook them up with someone who’s been around for a while for coffee, sharing stories, and just generally saying “hello.” Haven’t had your welcome coffee yet, ready to take others out for a cup of coffee, let us know.


The Becoming
Join us February 8th, March 1st, April 12th, or May 3rd at the Morgan Home

becoming_1440x900wsThis is an evening designed for those interested in finding out more about Mosaic and the movement of God. We will share some of our story, why we do some of the things we do, what are some of our dreams, and what have we see God doing in Mosaic and what would be your role in the Mosaic Community. The evening will be composed of great community, coffee and dessert and we would love for you to come and share the evening with us.


The Belonging
Share the evening with us March 15th or May 17th at the Morgan Home

coloredconnectionsThis is a Mosaic evening designed for those ready to connect with the Mosaic Nashville Community… for those who sense God moving them to do life with the Mosaic Community… for those who long to move from saying, “I go to Mosaic” to saying, “I am part of Mosaic.”
During the evening, we will take a more detailed look at: what are our roles within Mosaic Nashville, what is Mosaic’s role in walking with you as you follow Christ, the Threads (the values of Mosaic), our Core Beliefs and what it really means for us to “Be the Church in Nashville.

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