The Art of Connectivity

The Art of Connectivity

Connectedness is important, especially in the context of the church. Here in Mosaic, we have several practical ways to stay connected with the everyday living of our faith family.

The E-letter is a weekly update of stories, calendar and information about life in the Mosaic Community, you can sign up for it on the Mosaic website

You can also follow us on Twitter

And you can keep up on Facebook

Or join us at one of our Gatherings. Walking into a community for the first time can be a threatening thing. Mosaic’s desire is to be welcoming and helpful to everyone who comes through the door, but we recognize that it takes some to get one’s bearings.

With that in mind, here are ways you can become integrated into the Mosaic community:

* Hang out before and after our gatherings on Sunday.
* Get to know some new people.
* Greet others.
* Have lunch with some new people.
* Explore a community group.
* Chat Do life with others in the ways of Jesus.

See, no excuses.

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