The Time Is Near

The Time Is Near

The Magi (Matthew 2:1-12) teach us a lot about how we should approach Christmas – that we too should keep our focus on the goal, no matter what obstacles or distractions may try to detour us.

The Magi understood that their goal was not the star (if it was, they might have given up rather quickly); the star was only their guide, a sign that pointed them in the right direction.
Their search was for what was at the end of the star – a baby. Meeting Jesus should be the goal of all our Christmases.

1. Take a moment and create a list of all the things you have to “get done” for Christmas this year.

2. Now make a new list – one that lists things that you might do to prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ – prayer, fasting, and so forth (be as specific as possible). That’s important to remember, because most everything else in our consumer-heavy culture will try to take our focus off of the central figure of Christmas. Isn’t that true?

3. Share with someone about your venture. As crazy or as creative as this sounds, take a moment and sketch out a star, a star as a symbol that God has called you to follow the star to the baby Jesus.

Because Jesus should be the goal of all our Christmases.

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