Summer Sermon Series

Summer Sermon Series

Threads … the truths from the ancient scriptures that are at the core of God’s story and at the core of who Mosaic desires to be as a community of Jesus followers. These are the essentials that are woven into all we are and all we are becoming – both as individuals and as a whole.

The motivation for our life, and how we structure and form all we do derives from the gospel as our foundation. We must get the flow right.

We first start with God, who has most clearly and powerfully revealed himself in Jesus Christ. (Gospel)
From Jesus only, we rightly learn who we are, both, as individuals and as a community. (Identity)
Knowing who Jesus is, and who we are in light of Him, we then know how we ought to live. (Rhythms)

These truths shape us as followers of Jesus, defining our role in the movement of God.

This is who we are.
These are non-negotiables that we hold to, that we strive for.
They are the Threads that we live by.

Join us as we weave through these truths this summer and continue to surrender to God’s shaping of the fabric of Mosaic.

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