our spring Sermon Series. The word “SOJOURN” can mean several things. It can speak of an extensive journey or a temporary dwelling place. As God’s people, we need to remember that we have not arrived and this is not our home. God uses this journey to make us more beautiful and glorious in Jesus through his Spirit.

The good news is that the One True God is with you every step of this journey. There is never a moment in which you are alone. We often struggle with feeling alone, questioning if God is with us, asking, “Where are you God?” However, despite our doubts, God is always with us. He also calls us to do life with one another as we join Him in this journey.

So, Sojourn with Mosaic, through the scriptures, this spring with the desire to grow & develop as a community to live a life of Faith, Hope and Love.

Sunday 03.30.1014’s Sojourn takes us into the book of 1 Peter … grow, prep & be shaped for Sunday’s gathering by reading Matthew 5:13-16.

Living the Story,


Thanks to Sojourn Community Church for insight & wisdom into Sojourn.

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