Plastic People

Plastic People

Plastic really is a strange, yet intriguing product and an even more fascinating phrase to use to describe someone. I normally think of a plastic person as something who is artificial, someone who puts on an air, which can be true, but plastic, is also an element, which can be shaped and molded.

So, do you feel as though you are artificial and unnatural or an individual who is being shaped & molded? Better yet, do you believe you are a part of the process of molding others?

What cause us to be molded?
How are we shaped?
What hinders the chiseling and forming of people?
What happens to those who are not being shaped?

Take a few moments and read through Matthew 5:13-16

Notice that the scripture starts by saying, “You are the salt of the earth,” and that becoming the salt of the earth leads to then being the light of the world.

So what ends up happening to make us salty?
What do these images tells us about our role in culture?
What do these images tell us about the nature and purpose of the church and its role in and relationship to the world?

Pray that we might be follow in the ways of Jesus in our relationship with the World?

thanks to Stefano Tinti / for the image.

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