Mosaic Kids Weekly

Mosaic Kids Weekly

Mosaic Kids Weekly

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 02.21.16

Hey! We had an outstanding time in Mosaic Kids last Sunday!

Story: The Tabernacle Was Built

From: Exodus 35:4-40:38

Bible Story Points: God told His people to build the tabernacle. God is holy; He always does what is right. God told His people how to build a special tent. The people built the tabernacle just like God said. Jesus came to earth so we could be with Him forever.

Christ Connection: God told the people of Israel to build a tabernacle. The tabernacle was like a big tent where God met with His people. As part of His plan to save people from sin, God sent Jesus to earth to “tabernacle,” or meet with us.

I love how The Gospel Project curriculum always includes a connection to Christ in the story. Even in the Old Testament, every story can be connected to Christ. I did not realize that growing up. It seemed a little more compartmentalized. I recently got to chat with a lady in a bookstore about the things of God. She and her husband disagree theologically, therefore they do not attend any church gathering. Her husband argues that the bible is not relevant to us today—btw, his degree is in religion. I had  the opportunity to share the gospel with her and how-beginning in Genesis-the bible is very relevant to us today. So, it may not have turned her life upside down, but hopefully a seed was “planted” (note correlation to new series here). Maybe this will provide openings to new conversations with her husband. At any rate, I am thankful to be a part of our children’s ministry here at Mosaic. It helps me to communicate the love of God more clearly and simply than ever before!

Looking forward to seeing and serving you this Sunday!

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 02.07.16

Hello, all! We had a super time in Mosaic Kids last Sunday!

Story: The 10 Commandments

From: Exodus 19:1-20:17; 31:18

Here is the big picture in a nutshell…God gave us the 10 commandments to help us to love Him and love others.

Do not lie. (love others)
Do not murder. (love others)
Do not have other gods besides me. (love god)
Honor your father and mother. (love others)
Do not make an idol for yourself. (love god)
Do not misuse the name of the lord your god. (love god)
Keep your marriage promises. (love others)
Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. (love god)
Do not steal. (love others)
Do not want what belongs to someone else. (love others)

Looking forward to seeing and serving you this Sunday!

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 01.10.16

Hey! Super-great time yesterday in Mosaic Kids…thanks to all of our super-great teachers:

Story: The Plagues, the Passover, and the Crossing of the Red Sea

From: Exodus 5-14

Big Picture Question: What is God’s plan?
Answer: God’s plan is to rescue His people.

Main Point: God showed Egypt that only He is God.

Bible Story Points: God sent plagues or troubles on Egypt to show He is God. No one is more powerful than God. God kept His people safe at Passover. Later, God sent Jesus to rescue us from sin.

Christ Connection: At Passover, God kept His people safe. Moses led God’s people out of Egypt, and God helped them get away by crossing the Red Sea. Moses was a great leader, but the Bible says that Jesus is greater than Moses. Jesus leads people away from sin so they can live with God forever.

God’s people really got to experience His power in yesterday’s lesson. This Sunday, they will be tested in the wilderness. It is so fun to be with the kids as they hear these stories–some for the first time! What great memories…precious seeds being planted!

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 11.01.15

Hey! We had an incredible time in Mosaic Kids yesterday! Thanks to all of our incredible teachers: Louise, Katie K., Erin, Melanie, Jonathan, and Traci. Here is the scoop…be sure to use it to chat with your kiddo(s) throughout the week!

Story: God Tested Abraham

From: Genesis 22:1-19

Big Picture Question: What did God promise?
Answer: God promised to bless His people.

Main Point: Abraham trusted God.

Bible Story Points: God is most important. Abraham showed that he loved God most of all. What are some things your are tempted to love more than God? God always keeps His promises. God promised to send Jesus into Isaac’s family.

Christ Connection: Abraham trusted God. He was willing to give up his son Isaac when God asked him to. Isaac didn’t have to die because God provided a ram instead. God was willing to give up His Son, Jesus, to save the world from sin. We don’t have to die for our sin because Jesus died instead.

Sometimes I wonder if knowing this particular story in the bible is to our disadvantage. I mean, do you ever stop to think about how much we really know? Time and time again we get to read meticulous accounts of God’s faithfulness…how He keeps His promises. Sometimes I feel that I know this so well that I find myself looking for the ram in the thicket. I try to think of the big twist..the alternative…the save…. I have even suggested a couple of these to God from time to time…you know, in case He’s been busy and needs help in the “creativity” department. Of course, 10 times out of 10, God’s solution blows my mind….I don’t even come close to what He can provide. If only I spent my time focusing on being faithful to what God asks of me, I wouldn’t I wouldn’t find myself miserable, trying to find a ram in the thicket. Sometimes we are asked to sacrifice and there is no ram…and there is pain and hardship… But God is still faithful…He will never leave us or cast us off…and during these times, we will grow beyond all imagination while surrounded by His love. Abraham trusted God and was willing to give up his son’s life – because He asked him to. Totally willing…no defiance. And then, God blessed Abraham for his faithfulness. Allow God to bless you for your faithfulness today…be willing to follow wherever He leads.

Hey crew> I Hope all is well…we had a fantastic time in Mosaic Kids Sunday the 27th …thanks to our fantastic teachers: Emily, Becky, Katherine, Riki-Lynne, Lesley, Story, Linnae and Sara. Here’s how it all went down…

Story: Sin Entered the World

From: Genesis 3:1-24

Big Picture Question: What is sin?

Answer: Sin is breaking God’s law.

Main Point: Adam and Eve sinned.

Other Points: God gave Adam and Eve one rule. Adam and Eve did not obey God. God loves us even when we make wrong choices. How was the world different after Adam and Eve sinned? (Life was hard. God sent Adam and Eve out of the garden. People needed someone to rescue them from sin.)

Christ Connection: After Adam and Eve, everybody has sinned. Sin keeps us from God, but it won’t keep God from us. He loves us anyway, and He promised that someone from Eve’s family would take away sin. God sent His Son, Jesus, to rescue people from sin and bring them back to God.

You know, this isn’t how things were intended…working…for food, for shelter, for childbearing, for anything. It truly was paradise in the Garden. But, we blew it…sinned…disobeyed. We thought we could be equals with God. How crazy is that? Eve did it…Adam did it….we would have done the same thing. We like to think we would have been able to stay away from that tree, but no jive way could we have resisted.

Thank goodness for the great grace of God. G-R-A-C-E….God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.

Stay tuned to see what’s next!

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 08.23.15

Hey! Fantastic time in Mosaic Kids yesterday! Thanks to all of our fantastic Mosaic teachers: Louise, Katie K. Linnea, Erin, Kim, Story, and McKenna. Here is the scoop…

Story: Jesus Christ Will Return

From: Revelation 19-22

Big Picture Question: What did Jesus say would happen one day?
Answer: Jesus said He will come back to earth.

Christ Connection: Jesus said that He is coming back soon. When Jesus comes back, everyone who trusts in Him will be with Him forever. God will undo every bad thing-no more death, pain, or tears! Jesus is making all things new.

We did it! From Genesis to Revelation…a 3 year journey through the bible! This Sunday we begin back in the Garden. So wonderful to learn something new each and every time I read the scriptures. It is alive and very relevant to each and every one of us. Thanks for bringing your children Sunday after Sunday. Your faithfulness will be monumental in the lives of your kiddos.

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 08.16.15

Hello, all! Groovy day yesterday in Mosaic Kids…thanks to all of our groovy teachers: Courtney, Vanesa, Katie R., Riki-Lynne, Lesley, Louise and Sheridyn.

Story: God’s Warning to Seven Churches

From: Revelation 1-3

Big Picture Question: What was Jesus’ warning to the seven churches?
Answer: Jesus warned the churches to stop sinning and turn back to Him.

Christ Connection: Jesus loves the church. He sent a message to seven churches to warn them. Jesus said that people should stop sinning and turn to Him. Jesus rescues sinners and changes them to be like Him.

Well, this is it! This Sunday…the big finish…the creme de la creme…The Gospel Project final lesson…year 3…Genesis-Revelation…”Jesus Christ Will Return”! We have come full circle with the story of God and our place in it. We are so excited about this journey and how we have grown while taking it. We have worked hard and learned a great deal. Can’t wait to continue on in the months to come starting back in the garden.

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 08.16.15

Story: Church Responsibility

From: 1 Corinthians 1-16

Big Picture Question: What is the church?
Answer: The church is made up of people who worship Jesus together.

Christ Connection: Jesus wants people in the church to meet together, worship God, and tell others the good news about Jesus.

Sunday was the last regularly scheduled day for our dear Stephen Reed to work with Mosaic Kids! We are definitely happy-sad about the situation…Stephen is truly gifted in working with children. He has a special way of having fun while making sure all the “guidelines” are being followed-the kids aren’t even aware that they have been corrected sometimes, because Stephen has a gentle spirit that they love to be around. We have been so blessed by his servant’s heart! Wednesday, he is taking off for college to Colorado School of Mines. We are looking forward to seeing him flourish there! We can’t wait to see him when he visits on holidays! We love you, Stephen!

Remember, I am looking for people to serve in the Mosaic Kids area. I have plenty of teachers at the moment, but we need helpers. When the roster is full, serving in the kids’ area is once a month. So, please shoot me a text or an email if you are able to help in this way or if you have questions of any kind!

Looking forward to seeing and serving you next week!

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 07.05.15

Story: Paul’s Second Journey

From: Acts 15:36-16:40

Big Picture Question: What did Paul and his friends teach as they traveled?
Answer: Paul and his friends taught about Jesus.

Christ Connection: Lydia, the jailer, and many others believed in Jesus and were saved from their sin. We do not have to work to be saved. Jesus did all the work when He died on the cross. We are called to turn from our sin and trust in Jesus.

Wonderful news…we had 38 hanging out in Mosaic Kids yesterday (kids + helpers)! We are having tons of fun! Would love to have you consider serving in the Kids area if you haven’t already done so. We need more hands to help with all the activities of the morning. There is no prep work before Sunday, and it is a once a month commitment. At the moment, we do have people that sometimes serve more than once a month because we are shorthanded. If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to give me a call.

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 07.05.15

Story: Paul’s Conversion and Baptism

From: Acts 8:1-3; 9:1-31

Big Picture Question: What happened when Saul heard Jesus?
Answer: Saul loved Jesus and told others about Him.

Christ Connection: Saul had hated Jesus and His followers, but then he met Jesus. Jesus came to earth to save sinners. (Timothy 1:15). Jesus changed Saul’s life! Saul, also known as Paul, spent the rest of his life telling people the good news about Jesus.

Activities: crawling, snacking, playing, and lots of fun…flashlight/shadow puppet fun, guessing game (No Peeking!), building roads and station fun…blindfolded class—all things done blindly (open chat, snack, video, art and discussion) then the blindfolds came off and the video was watched and there was discussion about spiritual and physical blindness.

A very powerful story this week! Hang on as we journey alongside Paul in the weeks to come! Romans 1:16

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 06.21.15

Story: Jesus Ascended to Heaven

From:Mosaic Kids study from the week of Acts 1:3-11

Big Picture Question: Where is Jesus today?
Answer: Jesus is alive and in heaven.

Christ Connection: Jesus left earth and returned to heaven, but he did not leave us alone. Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit helps us do God’s work on earth while we wait for Jesus to come back and make everything new!

Activities: lots of playing…cotton and chalk cloud pictures…cloud in a jar (science experiment) and 3D cloud art!

Tons of activity going on in our classrooms!

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 05.10.15

Story: Jesus Appeared to the Disciples

From: Luke 24:36-49; John 20:19-29; Acts 1:3

Big Picture Question: What did Jesus do after He was raised from the dead?
Answer: Jesus showed many people that He was alive, and He is alive today.

Christ Connection: God made Jesus alive again! Jesus visited many, many people so they would know He is alive. Jesus is still alive today.

Activities: playing, stacking, sharing, snacking…card making, meeting a puppet disciple who sees Jesus, making a hand out of play dough and put a hole in it (for Jesus’ nail) and stations…had great discussions about the lesson and studied optical illusions to talk about how sometimes we need proof that what we see is real.

Stay tuned…next Sunday Jesus is serving breakfast by the sea!

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 05.03.15

Story: The Emmaus Disciples

From: Mark 16:12-13; Luke 24:13-35

Big Picture Question: What did Jesus teach His friends on the road to Emmaus?
Answer: Jesus taught that the Bible is about Him.

Christ Connection: Jesus showed His friends that the Scriptures tell about Him! The whole Bible is about Jesus. The Bible tells us the story of what God did to save His people through Jesus, His Son.

Activities: playing, swinging, music, toys, snacking, rolling around and hiding toys under the baby gate in the hallway…playing “baker” and made bread for Jesus, following a maze to Damascus, learning that God’s Word gives us directions, playing head-shoulders-knees & toes and stations…learning that the Bible is all about Jesus and we can trust it and completing a word search to recognize words like the disciples finally recognized Jesus!

Thanks for your prayers this some of you know, we have successfully moved Gary’s dad, Pop, to Nashville! We are still getting him settled, but things are going well. We look forward to everyone meeting him this Sunday!

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 04.19.15

Story: Jesus Cleansed the Temple

From: Matthew 21:12-17; Mark 11:15-19; Luke 19:45-48

Big Picture Question: What did Jesus call the temple?
Answer: Jesus said the temple was His Father’s house.

Christ Connection: Jesus was right to be angry when He saw people were using the temple in a wrong way. God is holy and must be worshiped in the way He says. Jesus came so that people would no longer have to offer sacrifices to worship God. Now, we can meet with God anytime and anywhere. Jesus came to sacrifice His own body so we can worship God forever.

Activities: playing, smiling and having fun…learning about different coins and talking about where we buy things-also talked about cleaning up and cleaning out, stations included a play store, activity sheet coloring, building with blocks and a matching game that had animals and the homes they live in…putting together the key verse puzzle, looking up the story in the Bible, making coin imprints in play dough, playing animal charades, and creating our own money (Isn’t that against the law? Will have to interrogate…I mean talk to Mrs. Louise about that one 8-)!

Anger…such a nasty emotion…we hold on to it, nurse it, justify it, blow it up, blow it off, work it up, work it out…in turn, it smolders, grows, hurts, burns, injures, suffocates, explodes, wounds, degrades, demeans, deplores, divides, breaks down, diminishes, hates, imposes, intrudes, interrupts…we are then left broken, empty, unliked, unloved, disregarded, abandoned, alone, ashamed, afraid… One of the most significant times we see anger as being an acceptable response in the Bible is when Jesus walks into the temple…His Father’s house…and finds it turned into a marketplace…a “den of thieves” (Mark 11:17).

We need to think before we speak...and sometimes we need to keep our mouths shut. We need to build up when we can and not spend so much time tearing down and picking things/others apart. We need to show grace and love and mercy…being less inclined to cast the first stone. We can control our actions and reactions…no matter how much we try to help other people drive on the commute home, we can only control ourselves (I know, I’ve tried!).

Our children watch us and learn from our actions and choices. Our habits can and will be taught; so be mindful of your young audience and follow Christ’s example.

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 04.05.15

Story: Jesus’ Crucifixion and Resurrection

From: Matthew 26:36-28:10; John 18:1-20:18

Big Picture Question: What did Jesus do for sinners?
Answer: Jesus died on the cross and is alive.

Christ Connection: The most important thing that ever happened is that Jesus died and was raised from the dead. Jesus never did anything wrong, but He was punished because we sinned. God forgives us for sin, because Jesus died for us. God raised Jesus from the dead to be King over everything.

Activities: lots of playing, laughing and singing…great discussion on the crucifixion and resurrection (Jesus died for us! He loves us!), and making chalk art with negative and positive pieces…spelled out words from the lesson with buttons, pipe cleaners, and dominoes, and rotated through stations (chalk cross prints, activity sheets, sequence cards, and play dough)!

The reality of the cross is…overwhelming. Sometimes I can’t even wrap my head around it. I guess that is one thing that makes it so powerful…so beautiful. There is one thing that I do believe I am starting to wrap my head around….I used to think of Satan as a dark and evil creature…something out of one of the scary movies I love to watch. But, now that I am older (yes, much older!), I believe that Satan favors Elmer Fudd. Cute, little, harmless looking…very approachable and likable…lovable even. He lures us in for the scam of a lifetime…eternal separation from the Father. Watch out for your little ones…what they take in, what they do, how they act…guide and lead them to the cross…Satan has set his sights on them and is waiting for an opportunity to edge is way in.

Thank you for being so faithful in bringing your children to gather and worship with the Mosaic family. Be assured that we are very intentional with the time we get to spend with your kiddos. We are blessed to have the opportunity to invest in their lives.

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 03.22.15

Story: The Rich Young Ruler

From: Matthew 19:16-30; Mark 10:17-31; Luke 18:18-30

Big Picture Question 2-K: Why was the rich young ruler sad?
Answer: He love other things more than he loved Jesus.

Big Picture Question 1st-4th: Can a person earn his way into heaven by doing good deeds?
Answer: No, salvation is a gift from God.

Christ Connection: The rich young ruler loved his things more than he loved Jesus. Jesus wants us to be happy to give up anything to follow Him. Jesus is better than any treasure on earth. When we know and love Jesus, we get eternal life with Him.

Activities: sharing and playing…follow the leader and stations…impossible tasks (example of camel through the eye of a needle), Jesus mosaic.

Great day to discuss salvation with our children right as we are entering our Easter study. Be sure to ask questions about the story of the rich young ruler and what Jesus said he had to do to get into Heaven.

As always, let me know if you ever have any questions.

Looking forward to seeing and serving you next week!

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 03.15.15

Story: Parable of the Talents

From: Matthew 25:14-30; Luke 19:11-27

Big Picture Question: How can we serve God?
Answer: God gives us special abilities to serve Him.

Christ Connection: Everyone who believes in Jesus can serve Him as Lord. God is happy when people know and love Jesus. One day, every believer will live with God in heaven and be happy with Him. People in heaven will be happy to know, worship, and be with Jesus.

Activities: Lots of playing and centers and coin activities/games!

Yesterday our kids workers wore lanyards so they could easily be identified by our Mosaic family....I hope you find this simple step helpful.

Also, thanks so much for your help in keeping kids off of the stage! This is going smoothly…so, stay the course!

This Sunday we begin the Spring 2015 study cycle of The Gospel Project entitled “Jesus Saves”. Our first unit is called “Toward Jerusalem”.

As always, if you ever have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Like, maybe, if your child tells you that the lesson was about…say…”God killed a man and took his money.”…you might shoot me a text and ask some questions! (hee hee!)

Looking forward to seeing and serving you next week!

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 03.01.15

Story: Parable of the Faithful Servant

From: Matthew 24:45-51; Luke 12:42-48

Big Picture Question: What should we always be ready for?
Answer: We should be ready for Jesus to come back.

Christ Connection: Jesus wants people who believe in Him to take care of His world and to tell others about Him. No one knows when Jesus will come back to earth. We must always be ready. When Jesus comes back, He will reward those who worked hard for Him.

Activities: drooling and playing…made gifts for parents, played Red Light Green Light to show we are to be ready, playdoh fun, and played Morning vs. Night game to show to always be ready for Jesus…played Great Expectations where we guess where certain objects were hiding under a pillowcase to show the anticipation of Jesus’ return, lots of great discussion, and played Bring It Back where we tried to follow some guidelines like the servants should have done for their master.

Thanks so much for sharing your little ones with us weekly. They are truly a blessing! Be looking out for some informational emails that will be coming your way soon!

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 02.22.15

Story: Parable of the Wedding Feast

From: Matthew 22:1-14

Big Picture Question: Who is invited to the kingdom of heaven?
Answer: Everyone is invited to the kingdom of heaven.

Christ Connection: Heaven is like a great wedding feast, and Jesus invites everyone to come. Jesus makes a place for people who say yes to His invitation, and they can be with Him forever.

Activities: playing, sharing and laughing….great story time about the King’s wedding feast, chats about how everyone is invited to heaven and lots of great centers…made a giant mural of the perfect feast (complete with napkins and napkin holders), and had a dress up relay with fancy clothes for our fancy feast theme!

Really tried to explain this parable can be a little challenging. Basically, we focused on all people are invited into the kingdom of God, but not everyone will accept the invitation. A lot of people believe and know (in their minds) that Jesus is who He says He is, but they don’t follow His ways. They choose to go their own way. You must love Him with all your heart and make His ways your ways. Knowing and following are 2 different things. Anyway, that’s all for this week…as always let me know if you have any questions!

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 02.01.15

Happy chilly Day Mosaic Nashville ! Great time in Mosaic Kids yesterday! Thank you to all our great teachers: Louise, Jonathon, Emily, Vanesa, Katie R., Cara, Melanie, and Stephen. Here’s the scoop…

Story: Parable of the Vineyard Workers

From: Matthew 20:1-16

Big Picture Question: What does God give us?
Answer: God gives good gifts…because He is generous.

Christ Connection: Jesus told a story to teach people about God. God is generous. He loves us and gives us good gifts. No one can earn a gift. Everyone disobeys God and deserves to be punished. But, God gave a good gift: His Son, Jesus. People who trust in Jesus will live with God forever.

Activities: happy baby day…made a grape vine out of pom poms and pipe cleaners, made grapes out of play dough, followed the grapevine on the floor and enjoyed centers…made grape pictures with our fingerprints, played with balloon grapes, and had grapes and raisins for snack!

“That’s not fair!” I bet you have heard (and said) that phrase a few times in your life! That’s what the vineyard workers who were hired early in the morning were whining to the vineyard owner. They worked longer then the workers that were hired later in the day, yet they made the same amount of money. The workers who started later in the day were given more than they deserved. We too–if we choose to follow Christ–are given more than we deserve. Instead of death, we receive the gift of eternity with Jesus.

Matthew 20:16 “So the last will be first, and the first last.”

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 02.01.15

Story: Jesus Has Power Over Death

From: John 11:1-44

Big Picture Question: Why did Jesus raise Lazarus from the dead?
Answer: Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead to show that He has power over death.

Christ Connection: Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. He showed that He has power over death. Jesus died on the cross for our sin and rose from the dead. Those who trust in Jesus will live forever with Him.

Activities: lots of playing and exploring and a little bit of giggling…lots of station time, acting out Jesus calling out Lazarus from the tomb (complete with tomb and burial cloths), used baby dolls to reenact the same (smaller tomb and toilet paper was used for burial cloth), taking care of baby dolls using a doctor kit, working puzzles, sorting station and building with dominoes…making bracelets with strips of fabric to remind us of Lazarus, and great discussion about empathy (how Jesus was sad because Mary & Martha were sad – not because Lazarus was dead).

What a great time we have had learning about the power of Jesus! Jesus has power over creation, power to provide, power over sickness, power over evil, and power over death–just to name a few! We will be spending the next few weeks studying some of the different parables Jesus told. Be sure to take time to look over the take- home card and activity sheet sent home each Sunday. The more exposure there is the more the truths begin to take hold. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you ever have any questions.

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 02.01.15

Story: Jesus Has Power Over Evil

From: Matthew 8:28-34; Mark 5:1-20; Luke 8:26-39

Big Picture Question 2-K: Who is most powerful?
Answer: Jesus is more powerful than everyone.

Big Picture Question 1st-4th: Who has power over evil?
Answer: Jesus is Lord over all things, good and evil.

Christ Connection: Jesus used His power to help the man with the evil spirits. Jesus used His power to free the man. Jesus came to earth to free people from the power of sin. Jesus came to earth to destroy the Devil by dying on the cross. We can trust in Jesus to rescue us from sin, and we can tell others what Jesus has done for us.

Activities: playing, cooing and snacking…made paper chains (do not have to be chained to our sin), talked about powerful people (used some felt people for examples), explored a “cave”, and used our own power to knock down block towers (kids, don’t try this at home without parents permission ;-)….made paper chains with our sin written on it (to be broken at home—it’s hard to (right away) break a paper chain that you worked so hard to make), and made a piggy face snack with a pink frosting face (on a sugar cookie), strawberry slices for ears, a banana slice nose and chocolate chip eyes!

Continue to teach your child to break free from chains of sin. Pray with your little one…confess sin…experience the power that God gives through His Son and the Holy Spirit.

Looking forward to seeing and serving you next week!

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 01.25.15

What a great day in Mosaic Kids yesterday! Thanks so much to our great teachers: Traci, Courtney, Becky, Story, Riki-Lynne, Linnea, and Kim! Here is how it all went down…

Story: Jesus Has Power Over Sickness

From: Matt. 20:29-34; Mark 10:46-52; Luke 18:35-43

Big Picture Question: Who can heal our bodies?
Answer: Jesus has the power to heal our bodies.

Christ Connection: Isaiah the prophet said that the Messiah God was going to send would make blind people see. (Isaiah 35:5; 42:7) The Messiah was here! Jesus was the promised Messiah, and He made blind people see. Jesus did a miracle. In the same way, Jesus helps us to see and understand the truth about God so we can be rescued from sin.

Activities: lots of laughter and cuddling…practiced building towers with closed eyes (the “sick” man that Jesus healed was blind) and had stations set up…sensory activities that did not include sight (identify smells from the kitchen, guess what is in the bag using only your sense of touch, what all can we write/draw without looking?) and lots of great discussion!

I am not hearing so well these days. I have had a lot of drainage and crud going on and it is totally messing with my ears/hearing. (Yes, I was sick all of December…at least I was well for a couple of weeks in between!) It is SOO frustrating missing out on things and having to ask people to repeat themselves over and over. Some days it’s my right ear…then my left…today I have felt pretty much under water all together! If only Jesus would heal it with a simple word or a small touch!!! Drat that fall of man! I know we have to suffer pain and sickness because of our sinful nature…it was not His design…I am glad He didn’t abandon us when we blew it…and that He doesn’t leave us when we still blow it! He still has power over everything…even my silly cold!

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 01.18.15

Story: Jesus Has the Power to Provide

From: Matthew 14:13-21; Mark 6:30-44; Luke 9:10-17; John 6:1-14

Big Picture Question: Who will always take care of us?
Answer: God will give us what we need.

Christ Connection: Jesus fed more than 5,000 people with only 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish! Only God’s Son could do that! He gave them food when they were hungry. But the people needed something even more important than food. They needed someone to rescue them from their sins. Jesus was getting ready to do just that. Jesus always gives us what we need.

Super heroes are a hot topic with children. I guess they always have been. From socks and Underoos to full blown head-to-toe costumes…Super Heroes are hailed in many ways. My personal favorites are Optimus Prime and Iron Man. Optimus has his uncanny respect and devotion to the protection of the human race and Iron Man…well, he’s Iron Man. Out of all the super powers and abilities these heroes have none have even a fraction of the Power of God. Ok, I know this is pretty elementary, but think like a kid. God having more power than all of the super heroes combined…speaks volumes. And, (spoiler alert), unlike all super heroes, God is real. He is alive. He longs for a relationship with each of us. So, as you child ventures through the most popular hero of the moment, take time to remind your child who has ultimate power.

Matthew 19:26; Jeremiah10:12

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 01.11.15

Story: Jesus Has Power Over Creation

From: Matthew 8:23-27; Mark 4:35-41; Luke 8:22-25

Big Picture Question: Who has power over creation?
Answer: Jesus has power over creation.

Christ Connection: Who is Jesus? Jesus’ friends knew He was a good man and a good teacher. When Jesus calmed the wind and the waves, He showed His friends that He is the Lord. Jesus has power over everything He made!

Activities: playing, reading books, sharing, and playing…playing Follow the Captain!, using instruments to make the sounds of a storm, playing “Quiet the Storm” and going to centers…playing Bermuda Triangle (lots of boats and storms), and having lots of discussion about the story.

For the next several weeks we will be learning about Jesus’ Power. In yesterday’s story, I love how the storm was raging and frightening some very experienced fisherman and all Jesus had to say was, “‘ …Silence! Be still!’ The wind ceased, and there was a great calm.” (Mark 4:39) This morning as I took McKenna and a neighbor to school, it was pouring down rain. Suddenly, it stopped….then in sheets again…then nothing. I talked about the power of Jesus over creation, and that we just studied it yesterday. What a great and vivid way to start the day! Because we live in Tennessee, we see God’s power over creation on a regular basis…being unbearably cold one week and not even wearing a coat outside the next! I hope you are experiencing the power of Jesus as you start the new year!

Psalm 89:9

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 01.04.15

Story: Three Parables

From: Luke 15

Big Picture Question 2-K: What makes God happy?
Answer: God is happy when we turn away from sin and love Jesus.

Big Picture Question 1st-4th: What does it mean to be lost?
Answer: Being lost means not knowing Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Christ Connection 2-K: Jesus told stories about people who were looking for things that were lost. Jesus told these stories to teach about Himself. Jesus looks for people who are lost, people who do not know Him. Jesus gave His life to save people from sin.

Christ Connection 1st-4th: A shepherd was seeking his sheep, a woman was seeking her coin, and a father was seeking his prodigal son. Jesus told these parables to teach about Himself. As Savior, Jesus seeks sinners. He paid the ultimate price -His own life- to save people from sin.

Activities: playing, exploring, Legos, pop-up toys, pull toys, playing with friends, snuggling, resting, and swinging…finding “coins” and putting them in banks, making Old Fashion Sheep, playing with little people and the dollhouse, and playing with puppets with guest star, Lamb Chop…finding lost sheep in our special snack, continuing to learn what stories are in the New Testament and how to find them, and making and hiding “lost” coins while working on memorizing Matthew 6:33.

I love how Jesus told stories…I love how they related to all people. He told the same story 3 different ways…back to back to back. It must have been very important that we grasp hold of the message He was trying to convey. WE ARE LOST AND HE JESUS IS SEEKING US OUT…THERE WILL BE GREAT REJOICING OVER ONE SINNER WHO REPENTS!

We are guiding our Mosaic kids as Jesus is diligently seeking them out. As the new year begins, let us continue to invest in our children with all that we have!

Luke 15:10

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 12.07.14

Story: Parable of the Sower

From: Matthew 13:1-23; Mark 4:1-20; Luke 8:4-15

Big Picture Question Preschool: What can you do when you hear the truth about Jesus?
Answer: I can believe the truth about Jesus.

Big Picture Question Kids: How do people respond to the gospel?
Answer: Some people believe the gospel and others reject the gospel.

Christ Connection: Not everyone who hears about Jesus believes in Him. Some people don’t understand Jesus or they think they are happy without Him. People who hear the gospel-the good news about Jesus-and believe in Him will be blessed.

I have all kinds of gardening resources…books, magazines, bookmarked websites. There is a lot of thinking and planning that goes into planting a garden. With all knowledge I have gained from all these resources I can still very easily kill me some tomato plants. Ok, so I can keep them alive, but they are these big beautiful plants that don’t produce any tomatoes. And, well…isn’t that the point?

I talked with a mom yesterday that shared how her 2 year old loves to hear stories read from his bible. He just recently moved up to our 2-K class. She was wondering if he was really getting anything out of it…the class and the stories. Then, she hears him talking as he plays…”so God created woman…He sent an angel to close the lion’s mouth!”

And, so it is with the truths of scripture. The 2 year doesn’t fully grasp the truths of scripture. But, the more times he is exposed to it, the greater the understanding. The greater the understanding, the deeper the grasp. When the roots take hold, a branch will grow from the vine. Eventually that vine will produce tomatoes (fruit!).

We (your family and your Mosaic family) are preparing your child to one day produce some pretty awesome fruit. We must remain in the Word so we can stay true to the plan.

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 11.30.14

Story: The Sermon on the Mount

From: Matthew 5-7

Big Picture Question 2-K: Who can keep all of God’s laws?
Answer: Only Jesus obeyed God perfectly.

Big Picture Question 1st-4th: What did Jesus teach in His Sermon on the Mount?
Answer: Jesus taught how believers should live.

Christ Connection: The religious leaders looked like good people, but Jesus knew what they were thinking. They were not doing good things for the right reasons. Jesus taught about doing right things for the right reasons. God changes people who know and love Jesus so they want to honor Him and do what is right.

I missed all of y’all yesterday…but have been very blessed to spend time with Gary’s father in Memphis and take him to a doctor’s appointment. Thank you to Louise for driving the show! I heard things ran smooth like buttah!

Looking forward to seeing and serving you next week!

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 11.23.14

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone is doing well—which is saying something with all the sickness going around! We had a great time yesterday with all the kiddos…thanks to all of our great teachers: Traci, Courtney, Story, Kim- (Welcome first-timer!), Riki-Lynne, Amy and Andrew. Here is the skinny on yesterday’s happenings…

Story: Jesus Healed a Man’s Hand

From: Matthew 12:9-14; Mark 3:1-6; Luke 6:6-11

Big Picture Question Preschool: What is the Sabbath?
Answer: The Sabbath is a day to rest.

Big Picture Question Kids: What did Jesus’ miracles prove?
Answer: Jesus’ miracles proved that He is the Son of God.

Christ Connection: Jesus healed a man’s hand on the Sabbath even though the religious leaders thought He shouldn’t. Jesus showed that God gives us rules to help us, not to hurt us. The religious leaders made a plan to kill Jesus, but God planned to use Jesus’ death to help people by saving them from their sin.

Activities: lots of toys and fun, meeting and loving on Ms. Kim, easy-peasy morning…traced hands and wrote what were are thankful for, attempted to perform various tasks using hands (playing instruments, building with blocks) and then did the same thing but with fingers in a fist (to show how important hands are and what a big deal it was for Jesus to heal the man’s hand), and lots of fun with other stations around the room…made up some nifty new handshakes, played “foot” ball by passing a ball around the circle using only our feet, wrote our names using our dominate and non-dominate hands, and played toss the cotton in the cup (the cotton represented the sheep that Jesus used as an example of something you should take care of on the Sabbath).

Pharisee…religious leaders of Jesus’ time...supposedly all about the scriptures, but they didn’t quite get it. How can one witness the healing of a paralyzed hand and focus only on the law and if the act of healing was allowed on the Sabbath? Jesus wanted them to see that He was indeed the Son of God. I am very glad to be living in God’s grace. If I had to give sacrifices for my sins, I’m sure I would be behind and have a stack of them somewhere in my house waiting to be addressed!

Find your family’s day of rest. That is sometimes a difficult task in the world we live in…start small. Make it your own without the need to follow any specific guidelines, but try to keep it sacred.

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 11.16.14

Story: Four Friends Helped

From: Matthew 9:1-8; Mark 2:1-12; Luke 5:17-26

Big Picture Question: How did Jesus help the man who could not walk?
Answer: Jesus healed the man and forgave his sins.

Christ Connection: The man who could not walk needed help. He needed to be healed. First, Jesus forgave the man’s sins. Jesus showed that He can forgive sins because He is God. Then Jesus healed the man so he could walk. Jesus has the power to heal and to forgive sins.

Activities: lots of sleepy babies snacking, playing, crawling and toddling…made patchwork mats (the friends lowered their friend down through the roof on a mat), built houses out of various types of blocks and pretended to lower some of our stuffed animal friends down into them, made playdoh houses, and we came up with a few ways to tie up a mat with some twine/rope and lowered our friend “Raccoon” down from the top of our “house” made of chairs…great discussions about Jesus and His miracles and played drop the clothespin into the jar (an old carnival game).

We had 38 in Mosaic Kids yesterday (kids + teachers)! Thanks for being so faithful in bringing your precious children to us week after week. We have each class running smoothly. There is always going to be a glitch here or there, but we have such great teachers that you would never be able to spot one. They easily adapt to any situation, be it a little one that got up way too early and is extra tired or they show up to set up their room only to find it jam packed with furniture! Thanks for working so hard at quick and timely drop offs…this helps the transition go smoother. It makes a difference if you drop off your child as soon as Mosaic Kids are dismissed and you give them a quick good bye. Please let us know if you ever have any questions about any or all things Mosaic Kids!

A little heads up...the 2-K class also practiced moving across the room without using their legs, because the man in the story had legs that wouldn’t work…it might be fun to have them demonstrate, but be careful, you might have to try it as well!

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 11.09.14

Story: Jesus Cleansed a Leper

From: Matthew 8:1-4; Mark 1:40-45; Luke 5:12-16

Big Picture Question: How did Jesus help the man with leprosy?
Answer: Jesus touched the man and healed him.

Christ Connection: The man with the skin disease had to stay away from his friends and family. Jesus helped the man. Jesus touched the man and healed him. Sin is like a decease that keeps us away from God, but Jesus will take away our sin if we ask Him. 

Activities: lots of playing, giggling, and sharing…made happy/sad puppets to discuss the leper’s feelings, played a game where your put your hand in a bag to feel different doctor tools and guessed what you felt, and we played a “healing tag” game…we ran a soap relay and if the slippery soap was dropped then we all would have to yell, “Dirty!” (this is what a person with leprosy would have to shout out anytime they got close to people), playing with playdoh and having lots of questions and discussion time.

I can’t imagine going weeks, months, even years without being hugged. Can you imagine not being able to touch your child ever again? I can’t even begin to wrap my head around the concept. That’s how it was for this leper. He probably hadn’t been touched in years, and along came Jesus…and he was not only touched; he was healed. Go find your little one and hold on a while…no particular reason…thank God for his/her health…and for His power.

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 11.02.14

Story: Jesus Healed Peter’s Mother-in-Law

From: Matthew 8:14-17; Mark 1:29-31; Luke 4:38-39

Big Picture Question: How can we thank Jesus for His help?

Answer: We can love Jesus and obey Him.

Christ Connection: Peter’s mother-in-law showed she was thankful to Jesus by serving Him. When God created the world, He did not make sickness. Sickness came when sin entered the world, but Jesus came to take away sin. We can thank Jesus for saving us from sin. We can love Jesus and obey Him.

Activities: snacking, sharing, playing with toys, reading books, and singing songs…lots of learning, how to serve Jesus like we serve (in a restaurant), used our hands to feel around in the rice box like Jesus touched Peter’s mother-in-law when He healed her, drew pictures of what food we would like to serve Jesus, and we learned the signs for Love, Jesus, and Obey…practiced finding the bible story in our bibles (chapter first then the verses), read the bible story out loud, answering questions about the story, and talked about how we can serve God to show that we are thankful.

We would love to spend more time helping the kids become familiar with how to use the bible. Would love for them to start bringing their bibles to class…especially the 1st-4th graders. The 2-K class could also benefit from bringing their bibles to class. I think it is good to have something tangible in their hands to help them grasp some of the truths we are teaching. We want them to understand that these are true stories/happenings written in God’s Word. Please make sure your child’s name is clearly printed in the front of the bible. Also, let me know if you don’t have a bible for your child and need help with that.

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 10.26.14

Story: Jesus Drove Out Evil Spirits

From: Mark 1:21-28 ; Luke 4:31-37

Big Picture Question: How could Jesus make evil spirits go away?
Answer: Jesus is more powerful than all evil.


Big Picture Question: What did the evil spirit know about Jesus?
Answer: Jesus is the Holy One of God.

Christ Connection: Jesus made evil spirits go away, because He is more powerful than evil. One day, Jesus will come back and make all bad things go away forever.

Activities: playing, snacking, napping…painted over painter’s tape then used our powerful muscles to pull the tape off, made powerful things out of playdoh, and listened to the conductor lead the band as we explored stations…great discussions about the topics of prayer, God’s power and the difference between knowing something and having faith in it, and we made door signs for our rooms so people will know when it is ok to come in or to please wait because we might be praying or reading God’s word.

I used a prehistoric illustration in class yesterday (it was from when I was a teen…in the 80’s!). It’s the one where I pointed to a chair and said that I knew without a doubt that the chair would hold me up were I to sit in it. I believed it with all my heart. But, I only showed faith when I actually got up, walked over, and put my full weight in the chair. We really tried to grasp hold of the fact that the demon that was inside the man truly knew and believed that Jesus was God’s chosen one….but no way is he/it in heaven. We have to give ourselves up to Him…follow Him with our lives…put Him first.

We are walking through some heavy duty scripture...please pray for our teachers as they work hard to pull out the simple truths and help our children to grasp hold of them.

Looking forward to seeing and serving you next week!

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 10.19.14

Hello! Good times rollin’ with the kids crew yesterday! Thanks to our fab teachers: Louise, Jonathon, Emily, Katie R., Dawney, Cara, Melanie, and Stephen. Here is the deal…

Story: Jesus Healed an Offical’s Son

From: John 4:46-54

Big Picture Question: Who can heal sick people?
Answer: Jesus can heal sick people.

Christ Connection: Jesus saved a boy from dying. Then the boy’s father knew who Jesus was: the Savior God promised. Jesus said that the boy was healed, and the father believed Him. Jesus showed that He is powerful. Jesus is God’s Son.

Activities: shaking, rattling, snacking, crawling, helping, playing and laughing…building a hospital out of blocks, putting bandaids on the picture of sick people, playdoh creations, and talking about healing…praying for sick friends, making first-aid kits to take home, and making pictures out of bandaids!

A Glimpse into the Story: You know when Jesus healed the official’s son, the son was not even present. He was 20-25 miles away. Jesus probably had never met the child face to face. But, of course Jesus knew who he was because…well he was Jesus. The man asked Jesus for healing…Jesus told him that his son would live…the man believed him. When the official arrived home he found out that the time the boy’s fever broke was the exact hour that Jesus told him that his son would live. Jesus didn’t follow this official on instagram to see current pics and happenings of the official’s fam. He didn’t “friend” him on Facebook. No texting…no calling to verify information, no correspondence at all. Jesus healed the right little boy…the official’s son sans son’s face ever having been seen. Saved from death because Jesus said it was to be…what a Savior.

John 20:30 Jesus performed many other signs in the presence of His disciples that are not written in this book. 31 But these are written so that you may believe Jesus is the • Messiah , the Son of God, and by believing you may have life in His name.

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 10.05.14

Story: Jesus Met a Samaritan Woman

From: John 4:1-26

Big Picture Question: Whom does Jesus love?
Answer: Jesus loves everyone!

Christ Connection: Jesus was different from other people on earth. He was kind to the woman at the well even though she didn’t have many friends. Jesus loves everyone, and He came to give people a free gift: salvation from sin.

Activities: climbing, cruising, trucking sitting snapping, shaking, music making, story-telling, rolling, playing, hanging out…the 1st-4th graders went over their lesson and then joined in the the fun with the 2-K class…after a few warm up activities and the story video it was station time: felt board fun (playing with different characters of different nationalities because Jesus loves everyone), people puzzles (different nationalities, different clothing, and some with different emotions/expressions because Jesus loves everyone), playdoh (making a model of a well with pretend water), and rice box (lots of scooping and pouring pretending the rice was water and the scoops were buckets).

The story of the Samaritan woman at the well is a beautiful story of how loving and accepting Jesus is and how He offers “living water” to all who will drink. I recently spoke with a friend that attends a church gathering where it is taught that all paths lead to the same place. They pray to a higher power…that might be God for some and not for others. It is talk of a lot of centered-ness and balance…I don’t have a problem with this part as long as the center is Christ. Now more than ever we need to pray over our children and guide their paths to Jesus. The world offers so many distractions…so many other choices. We need to be clear and consistent…we need to continually communicate with our children about all aspects of life so that they will be able to identify the truth.

I am attaching the Prayer Guide for Children that we handed out yesterday as we celebrated dedicating babies with some of our families. Please use it to remind you how important it is to pray for our children.

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 09.29.14

Story: Jesus and John the Baptist

From: John 3:22-36

Big Picture Question: Where did Jesus come from?
Answer: Jesus came from heaven.

Christ Connection: God gave John the Baptist a special job. John told the people, “Get ready for Jesus! Jesus is coming!” God sent Jesus to earth from heaven. When Jesus was older, He went out to teach people about God. Jesus was here, and John’s job was finished.

Activities: lots of fun playing with toys-especially the pop-up toy and lots of balls, fun time had by all…drawings of where Jesus came from (heaven) were sent home, played follow the leader and talked about how John was a leader first to make way for Jesus and then when Jesus came, John stepped aside and let Jesus lead…played a fun game called “All Aboard” where we learned that as Jesus’ role as a teacher got bigger, John’s got smaller…the game also reminded us that working together (as a community) sometimes makes our journey easier.

So looking forward to the upcoming developments as the gospel unfolds before us. Stay tuned next week as Jesus’ meets the Samaritan woman at the well…

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 09.07.14

Story: Jesus Was Tempted

From: Matthew 4:1-11; Mark 1:12-13; Luke 4:1-13

Big Picture Question: How did Jesus keep from sinning?
Answer: Jesus remembered God’s words from the Bible.

Christ Connection: Satan tried to get Jesus to sin, but Jesus did not sin. Jesus always did the right thing. Jesus died on the cross to rescue us from sin. When we are tempted to sin, we can ask Jesus to help us say no to sin.

Activities: climbing, playing with toys, digging for toys, smiling, snacking, and playing with friends…made desert collages, tried on outfits that would be worn in a desert, felt sand paper and sand, and went through an obstacle course (follow God’s path)…talked about the temptation of Jesus with an activity–candy and money were on the table and the discussion was about if the teacher wasn’t watching would you take something and if so, what would you take?, and focused on how Jesus used God’s Word in response to temptation and it is important to learn God’s word so we will be able to respond to temptation like Jesus did.

The life of Jesus...what a privilege it is to share it with our Kids. I remember when I was a kid, I was part of the Luke 2:52 Club at my church. Now, I have things straightened out, but I remember “learning” about how Jesus grew in wisdom, like a statute, and was class favorite…how he was a “light” unto my feet and a “lamp” unto my path. So, I got confused sometimes, but someone cared enough to keep exposing me to His Word (my mom, pastor, teachers…), and eventually it all worked out. So, keep reading the stories of Jesus to your children and know that it really is making a difference!

Looking forward to seeing and serving you next week!

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 08.31.14

Story: Jesus was Baptized

From: Matthew 3:13-17, Mark 1:1-11, Luke 3:21-22, John 1:19-34

Big Picture Question: Who baptized Jesus?
Answer: John baptized Jesus.

Christ Connection: Jesus never did anything wrong, but He was baptized like sinners are baptized. Baptism reminds us that Jesus died and came back to life. People who know and love Jesus should be baptized too.

Activities: fun time playing with stuffed animals, sharing snack with the stuffed animals, playing, crawling and toddling…Station day! lacing cards and shoes (John said he was not worthy enough to untie Jesus’ sandals), water play (we used a tub of water and some stretchy creatures to put under the water), and playdoh, dollhouse and bank stations just for fun….in talking about baptism the class talked about other things that we do with water, water activities that included Sink or Float? (lots of stuff floated) and jars with different amounts of water in them that made different tones!

I would like to thank you all so much for letting us walk in the ways of Jesus with your children. They are taking in so many great truths from God’s word. But, it is even more than that. They are learning to sit and pay attention, take turns, listen to and watch a story and answer questions about the story, follow directions, help each other, play nicely, share about their week or their ideas, and so much more. Our Kids’ classes are going great! Please let me know if you ever have any questions.

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 08.24.14

Story: Jesus at the Temple

From: Luke 2:41-52

Big Picture Question: Why did Jesus go to the temple?
Answer: Jesus went to the temple to worship God.

Christ Connection: Jesus went to the temple to worship God. Jesus is God’s Son. He taught people about God. Jesus lived a perfect life, died on the cross for our sins, and rose from the dead so that we can worship God too.

Activities: lots of exploring, playing, helping friends, snacking, and yawning…followed a pathway of tape to represent Mary and Joseph retracing their steps to find Jesus, played a game where objects or kids would be hidden and the class had to guess who/what was missing (then talked about how Jesus wasn’t actually hiding), and exploring different stations (we got to play with our newly painted dollhouse—thank you to Becky Rogerson for making it so beautiful!)…played a lost and found game where the class had to guess which crazy vacation article Sally Sue had removed from her from her vacation travel-wear, and made some flying discs (talked about the purpose of playing with a disc—friend to throw it back—and how Jesus, at 12 years old, knew what His purpose was—it’s a stretch but we went with it and it was a hit!).

The Story: I never thought about how important this story is in the bible. When Mary found Jesus in the temple and heard His reply about being in “My Father’s house”, Mary was confused. She knew who He was but had never heard her son refer to God as Father. Jesus was beginning to understand who He was…He was only 12. I’m sure His body was changing…His voice too…still needed to grow into His feet…all the things a typical 12 year old boy would be facing and here He was about His Heavenly Father’s business…good stuff.

I want to encourage you to read along with us as we explore the life of Jesus…we are never to old to get something new out of it…

Next week: The baptism of Jesus.

Looking forward to seeing and serving you next week!

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 08.17.14

Story: Jesus Was Dedicated

From: Luke 2:21-40

Big Picture Question: Why were Simeon and Anna waiting?
Answer: Simeon and Anna were waiting for God to send Jesus.

Christ Connection: God had promised His people that a Savior was coming. When Simeon and Anna saw Jesus, they knew He was the Savior. Jesus came to save people from sin. We can trust Jesus to save us from our sin, and like Simeon and Anna, we should tell others the good news.

Activities: Rolling, playing with toys, singing, cooing, playing chase, laughing, snacking and melting down 10 minutes before the gathering was over (that’s the hardest 10 minutes!)…playing a waiting game (couldn’t cheer or make a peep until the timer went off–Simeon and Anna waited a long time for Jesus to come), played “temple” (we built a temple and pretended to be doing the things that happened in the temple in the story–gave offerings (money/poker chips in “banks”), took care of baby Jesus, stayed there a long time), and practiced “rejoicing” by having a dance party!…playing “knock down the water bottle with the bean bag” and when a bottle was knocked down they read the Bible promise of the paper plate under the bottle.

Ok, so when I was a little girl growing up in Texas, we would load up the truck and go camping at a state park in Oklahoma…I remember it took fooorrrevvverrrr! We did make some stops along the way…the first one being at the Oklahoma Welcome Center. This stop was made year after year because we got to it about the time my mom HAD to go to the bathroom. The funny part is when I went off to college-in Oklahoma-I realized that the OK Welcome Center was only 45 minutes from my house!!! Really, Mom?

*Side note…just went out to the front porch swing to call Mom to get permission to throw her under the bus this week, and she laughed and said it was because of all the coffee she drinks in the morning!!! At least I come by my coffee addiction honestly!

Anyway, waiting can be really difficult sometimes…even as a grown up. Simeon and Anna waited a good part of their lives waiting to “see the One who will rescue people from sin.” God, once again, was faithful and kept His promise. Simeon and Anna rejoiced when they saw Jesus! Sometimes we want things in our own way…in our own time. Remember God is perfect, and His timing is perfect. He wants only what is best for us. So we must continue to pray and love and forgive and learn and teach….He will be faithful to guide you and bless you as your journey continues to follow Him.

Romans 8:25

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 08.03.14

Story: Jesus Was Born

From: Luke 2:1-20

Big Picture Question: Where was Jesus born?
Answer: Jesus was born in Bethlehem as God promised.

Christ Connection: Jesus was born! This was very good news! Jesus was not like other babies. He is God’s Son. God sent Jesus to earth from heaven. Jesus came into the world to save people from their sins. Jesus came to be their King.

Key Verse: John 1:14

Activities: lots of snacking, crawling, drooling, and playing with VERY LITTLE CRYING—WAHOO!!!…playing pin the tail on Mary’s donkey (thank you Ben Tennant for your drawing skills), rocking baby Jesus to sleep, and singing some sweet songs together…welcoming all our new 1st graders moving into a new class, drawing pictures of the night Jesus was born and sharing them with everyone, and “swaddling” Kat and Mrs. Johni with (clean/unused) toilet paper!

What a wonderful experience! Celebrating the birth of Jesus during the steamy months of summer! Now is a great time to pull out those storybooks about Jesus and His birth. Jesus was a king that came in the form of a tiny, weak little baby. He could have come down from Heaven in all His glory and set the world to rights. But He didn’t. He left glory and perfection to enter this world crying and vulnerable in a smelly stable with a feeding trough for a bed. In the weeks to come, we will look at His life and how he grew up to become our Rescuer…our Savior. As we journey through the New Testament, we will see time and time again how God keeps His promises.

Looking forward to seeing and serving you next week!

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 08.03.14

NEWS FLASH…all Mosaic kids that are entering 1st grade this year will begin attending the 1st-4th Grade class this Sunday August 10th! All Mosaic kids entering 5th grade will begin staying in the gathering this Sunday as well!

Reminder…when your child turns 2 years old he/she will begin the 2-K class the Sunday following their birthday.

Ok, with all that out of the way...spectacular day yesterday! Thanks to all our awe-inspiring teachers: Dita, Stephany, Aimee, Erin, April, Rachel, Katie W. and Katie K. Here’s how it all went down…

Story: John Was Born

From: Luke 1:57-80

Big Picture Question: Why was John the Baptist special?
Answer: John the Baptist was special, because he told the people about Jesus.

Christ Connection: Long ago, God’s prophets said, “One day Jesus will come.” Finally a prophet named John said, “Jesus is almost here!” John the Baptist told people to get ready for Jesus. He said Jesus was coming to be King over the whole world.

Activities: climbing in the bouncy seats, crawling around, playing with the farm, throwing a ball, peeking in the toy box, and getting diapers changed…spelling names with playdoh, taking care of baby dolls (like they were taking care of baby John), and decorating the letter “J”…learning about how God had a plan for John the Baptist, wrote names with playdoh and decorated them, talked about birthdays and how God a special plan for each of our lives.

I like John the Baptist….probably for the wrong reasons though. Back home in Texas, where I grew up, most of my friends and family call me John…maybe Johni Lynn, but mostly John. When I graduated from high school, I received many letters reminding me to register for the Selective Service…because it’s the law…as a matter of fact, the last one I received basically said that if I didn’t register, they were going to show up on my doorstep! They never did, but I always wondered what the look on their face would be when they found out I was a girl. I remember getting called to substitute teach at the end of school in Baton Rouge, LA for a boy’s P. E. teacher/coach whose class was just watching movies…in the locker-room….lights out….watching Scar Face (which was approved by coach)….and gambling. Or, how about the crazy fact that my husband married someone with his father’s name…Johnny/Johni Morgan?!?!

So, all that to say, names can be deceiving…but God knows who we are…He has a plan for us just as He did John the Baptist. His plan might include all sorts of things like graphic design, cooking dinner, CEO of a large company, reading a book to your child, being a teacher, a dance instructor, a fireman, washing clothes, helping with homework…no job is big or too small….

Jeremiah 29:11

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 07.27.14

Story: Mary Visited Elizabeth

From: Luke 1:39-56

Big Picture Question: Why did Elizabeth’s baby leap in her belly?
Answer: Elizabeth’s baby was happy because of Jesus.

Christ Connection: God kept His promise to send a Savior. This was good news! Before Jesus was born, people sang songs and thanked God for His Son. Mary and Elizabeth worshiped God because of Jesus.

I just want to take a moment to let you know what good hands your children are in when they are in a Mosaic Kids class. We have incredible teachers that adore your children. They try to meet your child’s needs by communicating with you and keeping them on their schedule. They pay attention to each child’s demeanor, because sometimes we all have an “off” day or maybe we are tired or not feeling very social. They pour over our curriculum making sure to adapt it to the class size, age and personality. They know what works best but aren’t afraid to try new activities or projects. They work as a team to come up with a plan or new idea whenever they are thrown a curve. They are consistent and dependable. They are kind. They love God, and they love others. They love to serve. We are so blessed to benefit from all of these gifts and talents. Thank you, teachers!

One thought for the week…I want you to get on the floor this week. I know…weird, huh? I was reading about a mom who always made time for her children…if her son wanted to tell her something, she would stop washing dishes and kneel down to listen to what he had to say…if her daughter wanted her to read a story, she would stop folding clothes and dive into a book. Now, I must admit that at first, making time her your children sounded a lot like getting out of chores to me…but, as I read on I learned how she would get down on the floor with them to play or laugh or listen…sometimes it is hard for me to stop…even though my children are older and aren’t on the floor like they used to be, I could sit on their bed, hang out on the front porch, or share a cup of coffee. Quite often, I am in the middle of something and they are made to wait…and then I may or may not remember to get back to them…

I am glad our Heavenly Father is not like that…He got down on our level…descended from the perfect heavenly kingdom to become human…a little baby…to rescue and renew us…make sure to get on the floor this week…

Ephesians 4:9

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 07.20.14

Story: John’s Birth Was Predicted

From: Luke 1:5-25

Big Picture Question: Who announced John’s birth?
Answer: An angel said that John would be born.

Christ Connection: God gave John a special job: to tell people that His Son, Jesus, was coming! John told the people what God said, and he told them to get ready to meet Jesus.

Activities: snacking, sleeping, playing catch, crawling and sitting up…playing a Today/Tomorrow game (since we were talking about John’s birth being predicted, we talked about things we did or will do today and things we will do tomorrow…hopefully shedding some light on the word “predicted”), burning incense (John’s father, Zechariah, was a priest…part of his job was to burn incense in the temple as an offering to God), playing charades (Zechariah couldn’t speak for a long time because at first, he did not believe the angel’s message from God), sign language (we practiced signing the Big Picture Question and the Answer), and drawing in shaving cream (one of our play “stations” was writing in shaving cream with our hands…we practiced the letter “J” for John).

Yesterday, we combined the 2-K class and the 1st-4th class. This happens from time to time for a couple of reasons. One, it gives the older kids a time to help and lead—and have some fun playing with the kids. And two, we sometimes have weekends where a lot of people are out and we need to combine our teaching teams. Never fear, a good time was had by all and there was even a little learning in the process! One thing we have started doing for the both of the older classes is to show the Bible story video 2 times in a row…this was a genius idea from one of our well seasoned teachers, Riki-Lynne. The first time through she shares, to look for things you don’t know. The second time through she shares to look for things you missed the first time. Not rocket science…but very effective. Simple cues that will help with retention.

In the Under 2 class, we have added to our evaluation forms. On the back of our eval form (which has things like: class size, supplies needed, guests, teachers present…), the teachers take notes on the children that day. For example, little Gary likes to play catch, baby Thomas is sitting up, baby Bobby was fussy (teething?), Miss Louise took her morning nap, Dita is crawling…etc. This will be a great resource each week as the teachers work to comfort and meet the needs of their class.

Make sure to read along with us in Luke. Remember that reading the Bible is a wonderful way to worship and commune with the Father. Be ready to experience the beautiful story of Christ’s birth in the weeks to come…

Looking forward to seeing and serving you next week!

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 07.13.14

Story: Genealogy of Christ

From: Matthew 1:1-17; Luke 3:23-38

Big Picture Question: Who is Jesus? How is He different from any other man?
Answer: Jesus is God’s son. He is fully God and fully man.

Christ Connection: Jesus came to earth and was born as a baby. Jesus’ parents on earth were Mary and Joseph. Jesus is God’s Son. He came to rescue people from their sins.

Activities: giggling, squealing, laughing, waving, sitting up falling down, sharing toys…learning about Jesus’ family, talking about our families, making family flags with drawings of family members on them, playing in centers…making family portraits and playing Who Am I? (with members of Jesus’ family).

Just a reminder that Christmas is upon us! The Gospel Project is a wonderful curriculum that we use here in the children’s program at Mosaic. It journeys through the bible chronologically over a 3 year period…and Christmas is upon us! Of course, it takes in consideration the time of year when celebrations fall…so, we actually cover Christmas and Easter during their actual season. We have made it to Matthew so, this next Sunday we will learn about the announcement of the birth of John the Baptist! Be sure to go over the take home materials each week with your child…this will reinforce the focus of each lesson. Thanks for sharing your precious children with us. It is a privilege and a blessing to spend time with them each week.

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 06.29.14

Story: Malachi the Prophet

From: Malachi 1-4

Big Picture Question: Why does God keep His promises?
Answer: God is faithful, and He loves Us.

Christ Connection: Malachi was a messenger for God. He said another messenger was coming. That messenger was John the Baptist. John’s job was to get the people ready for the last messenger, Jesus! Jesus is God’s Son. He came to rescue people from sin.

Activities of the day: Welcome baby Faye!!! She was going all “big girl” and hung out with us in the Under 2 class for the very first time! Lots of great helpers (Vada and Beckett),they handed the smaller kids new toys and dropped pacis…fun time playing in a tub of rice (represented gifts of grain from God), chatted about God’s promise and made promise hearts, played “Good Gift/Not So Good Gift” (God deserves our very best)…illustrating the Bible story-in some cases this was a team effort-“Draw a body of water with someone it and people around watching” became a hippo in the water with a zebra and butterflies around it! *pic below 😎

I remember getting notes at school…sometimes they were questions from friends, or secrets about a boy I liked and on rare occasion they were from said boy!!! Ooolala!!! Or, remember yearbook signing??? “Stay the way you are…”, LYLAS, or the infamous “I am the first one to sign your crack” and they would write it in the crease of the book (usually a boy did this). Anyway, in most cases, the message was important to read…you couldn’t wait to unfold that scrap of paper and pour over the contents….and sometimes those messages were hand delivered by someone…someone the writer of the message trusted implicitly-they would follow instructions exactly, not ratting you out or reading it aloud…the selection of the messenger was as important as the message itself. Throughout the story of God, God has used many prophets and leaders to deliver His messages…strong men of God…but none were as important as God Himself coming to us in the form of a man to rescue and renew us and bring us back to Him…we call Him Jesus.

If it has been awhile since you have read your Bible, I would like to encourage you to read it again…daily. My mama always said to start with a Psalm a day…allow God to renew you…daily.

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 06.29.14

Story: Ezra Read the Law

From: Nehemiah 8:1-12

Big Picture Question: What did God’s Word teach the people?
Answer: God’s Word helped them know the right things to do.

Christ Connection: God restored a faithful remnant and reminded them of His promise of a new covenant through Jesus Christ.

Activities: giggles, smiles, Jack-in-the-Box fun, poopy diapers (NOTE: parents please remember to leave a diaper bag with everything your little one might need 8-)…building of a platform out of legos and blocks (for Ezra to stand on as he read God’s word), made scrolls that had God’s word on it (or drawing of God’s word on it), made a feast out of playdoh that was shared with friends to celebrate God’s word, and a listening game (many people came to hear Ezra read God’s Word)…a special “feast” was had in the 1st-4th class of which I was an example of how the Israelites shared their feast with those that didn’t have anything to eat (mmmm mmmm good!).

It’s hard to believe a time when God’s Word wasn’t readily available to all who wanted to read it. Today it portions of it have been translated into 2,798 different languages and completely translated in 518. The Bible is illegal in approximately 52 countries. Most of us have or have had at least one translation of the Bible in our home. I want to encourage you to read from the Bible daily to your child…there are some great children’s Bibles out there as well as collections of Bible stories. If your child is older make sure to have a translation that is written on his/her reading level. Let’s not take for granted the value of the Word of God…savor every word…live out it’s story…

2 Timothy 3:16-17

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 06.22.14

Great day yesterday hanging out in Mosaic Kids! Thanks to all our wonderful teachers: Katie, Traci, Courtney, Stephany, Becky, Amy, and Story! Here is the breakdown:

Story: Jerusalem’s Walls Rebuilt

From: Nehemiah 3:1-6:16

Big Picture Question: How did God protect His people?
Answer: God helped His people rebuild the city walls.

Christ Connection: Nehemiah helped God’s people fix the walls around their city. The walls protected the people from their enemies. Jesus protects us from our enemies. When we know and love Jesus, He keeps us secure and we will live forever with Him in heaven.

Activities and why we do some of the crazy things we do…lots of crawling, squirming, laughing, crying, playing and spitting up (because they are under 2!)…How Many Beams are in the Jar? (legos were in different sized jars and we guessed how many were in each one (God’s people needed a lot of materials to rebuild the walls), On Guard game (we took turns tossing rolled socks into a laundry basket while someone guarded it by batting it away-Nehemiah set up guards around the wall to protect God’s people from their enemies), we built block towers with a ginormous wall of chairs covered with sheets around it and for snack we had goldfish (representing the “Fish Gate”) and mini marshmallows (representing the “Sheep Gate”…don’t worry they only had 3-5).

Ok…confession... I altered the last sentence of the Christ Connection above…it is supposed to read “…He keeps us safe and…” I am usually not very picky…but for some reason the word safe hit me the wrong way today. I am not saying that it’s not Biblical…I just wasn’t feeling it…You know, I believe we are promised a life of security with God not always safety…bad things happen and sometimes it hurts…I believe we are to live dangerously for Him. Not saying we shouldn’t be wise, but we should definitely realize that risks would be taken…we will need to have courage and be bold…our light is suppose to shine, not be safe under some basket…how will flavor or season anyone if we keep the salt in the cabinet…we need to be out there living the Story of God…our children need to see us doing this daily in how we communicate, spend our time, make decisions, treat others, how we invest in others, how we accept others and build each other up. Choose to live salt and light…

Matthew 5:13-16

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 06.08.14

Story: Esther & Her People

From: Esther 1-10

Big Picture Question: How did God use Esther?
Answer: God used Esther to help save His people.

Christ Connection: God saved His people who were in physical captivity as He would one day send Jesus to save and restore His people who are in spiritual captivity.

Activities: sleeping, spitting up, snack time, spinny toys, bouncy seats, swinging, toy mania…celebration parade (God’s people in Persia celebrated when He saved them through Esther), scepter game, and play doh fun…crown and scepter creations (pictured below).

I love the story of Esther...a story of courage and faith. Let’s pray for our children to stand up and do the right thing in difficult situations. To be brave and live dangerously the life He has given…the journey will not always be safe…through God’s strength may they choose to be bold as they walk in His ways…

Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and courageous, don’t be terrified or afraid of them. For it is the Lord your God who goes with you; He will not leave your or forsake you.

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 06.01.14

Great time yesterday in all our Mosaic Kids classes…thanks to all our teachers…Katie, Erin, April, Rachel, Aimee, Stephany, and Josh! Here is the scoop:

Story: The Temple Was Completed (WAHOO!) (emphasis mine)

From: Ezra 4:24-6:22

Big Picture Question: Why did the people rebuild the temple?
Answer: The people rebuilt the temple to worship God.

Christ Connection: God saved His people who were in physical captivity as He would one day send Jesus to save and restore His people who are in spiritual captivity.

Activities going on: child labor (little Miss Vada made sure the twins had their pacies…what a good helper!), crawling, popping up of the pop up toys, bottles and sippys…cup stacking game (rebuilding the temple), “work together” balloon game (all God’s people worked together to rebuild the temple-very popular 8-), “welcome” island game (everyone was welcome to come and worship at the temple-who doesn’t love balloons…well my friend Jenn is deathly afraid of them but that’s a whole other email), coloring….listing “different ways we worship”—and we came up with a ton! (the Israelites finished a special place to give God all their worship),and building a “bridge” (building a temple formed a bridge between God and His people).

So glad we finally got this temple built. God’s people ran around for years and years not following Him. Aren’t you glad He is a patient God? So thankful He sent Jesus to rescue and renew us. Make sure to discuss with your little one about all the different ways we can worship God…praying, singing, cooking, cleaning, serving, hiking, gardening, exercising, talking with friends, reading, writing, sharing, and on and on it goes…

Yahweh, You are my God; I will exalt You. I will praise Your name, for You have accomplished wonders, plans formed long ago, with perfect faithfulness.  Isaiah 25:1 

Looking forward to seeing and serving you next week!

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 05.25.14

I am doing a combo email this week due to the fact that I tried (accidentally of course) to chop off a small portion of my finger recently which has made typing a little difficult! Anyway, thanks so much to our wonderful teachers for leading us yesterday: Courtney, Jonathon, and Story in the Under 2 class…Riki-Lynne, Sarah, and Melanie in the 2-K class and Sheridyn who hung with me in the 1st-4th class.

Here is the scoop from our time together Sunday May 25th …

Story: Zechariah, Prophet to Judah

From: Zechariah 1-14

Big Picture Question: What did Zachariah say about Jesus coming?
Answer: Zechariah said Jesus is coming.

Christ Connection: God showed Zechariah many visions about things God was going to do. God was going to help His people and give them a special king. Jesus is the King who came humbly on a donkey, just like Zechariah said. Because God kept His promise to send Jesus, we can trust in Jesus to forgive our sins.

Key Passage: Zechariah 9:9

List of activities from all classes…Diaper changes, drooling, crawling, walking, drawing pictures of visions, playing limbo with the “rope” from one of the visions, playing a measuring game, played Flying Scrolls, Future guessing game, and finally construction of our own lamp stands!

Mosaic Kids study from the week of 05.18.14

Story: Haggai, Prophet to Judah

From: Haggai 1-2

Big Picture Question: How can we honor God?
Answer: We can put God first.

Christ Connection: God’s people had been away from home for a long time. They didn’t have a place to worship God. When they went home, Haggai told them to fix the temple. God promised to be with them. When God sent His Son, Jesus, God kept His promise to be with us.

The class played a few games that were a bit challenging just as the rebuilding of the temple was for God’s people. The favorite part of the class was the challenge of building a house/temple of cards…easier said than done! But, a good time was had by all!

I feel led to share something. It is fun to travel. Going new/old places, seeing new/familiar things…just being gone. Now, traveling home is another story. Why is it that even though I am bringing back exactly what I took, it never all fits back into the suitcase? Did I just all of the sudden have a “lapse” in my packing abilities? I fit it all in there the first time….I even have a college degree…it…just….won’t…FIT!

Finally, I have stuffed the “overflow” into some nominal reusable totes (read Kroger bags) and shoved it all in the car and have made my way home. It USED to be that I would give myself a much deserved break soon after my arrival. After all, I had to get the girls all settled and the dog taken care of and all that pesky mail sorted. I would put off unpacking my stuff, because, well, of course I was busy putting every thing and everyone ahead of me ;-)! Well, a day or two might pass…then a week…and I am still living out of that (poorly repacked) suitcase! It was insane! (Not to mention it drove Gary nuts!)

I am pleased to announce that I am a recovering non-unpacker of the repacking person?!?! Anyway, I get all my ducks in a row when i return from a trip, and I like it! Why it makes life so much easier! It reminds me of a mantra i recently heard, “Ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it!”

First things first…I don’t know who originally said it, and I don’t want to know enough to google it. But, God’s people were asked to rebuild the temple when they returned home. They were to do it first thing. But, then they stopped and began t

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