Beyond Feelings

Beyond Feelings

The meaning of the word love can be elusive, especially in a culture where we use the same word to describe how we feel about pizza to also describe how we feel about each other, and sometimes how we even feel about God. The Bible describes love not as a feeling, but as an act born out of trust in God. Regardless of who or what receives an act of love, the source is the same (I John 4:7-8).

Jesus’ life is our ultimate example of love. His life, not just his death, is the pattern to be followed. His interactions with people give us glimpses into the greatness of his love, it’s beauty and its harsh demands.

Jesus’s love lets people walk away. (Luke 18:18-25)
Jesus’s love accepts people, then begins to change them, not the other way around. (John 8; Luke 5)
Jesus’s love is sacrificial. (Matthew 10:37-39)
Jesus’s love hurts. (Revelation 3:19)

Author Leonard Sweet states it this way, “We don’t love in isolation, we love in relationship. In fact, we are truly ourselves only when we operate within a network of relationships. Spiritual life is dead without relationship with other Christians.”

May we continue to Love in the ways of Jesus.

Join us as we continue to grow in the ways of Jesus in our new winter series, “Who is this Jesus?”

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