duct tape!

duct tape!

There are people who swear by…duct tape!

They believe that just about anything in the world—golf clubs, tennis shoes, furnaces, skateboards, blue jeans, toddlers—can be fixed by the wise application of duct tape. And they might be right! I had a friend who drove a car that I believe had been patched up with duct tape and then painted over! It is truly a marvelous invention, and the home without a healthy supply is just asking for trouble. But guess what? Though duct tape will fix almost anything, apparently it works on everything else except, it would seem, on ducts!

Duct tape was designed for a purpose—but sadly, it seems to do everything except what it was designed to do!

The church was designed for a purpose. The church has nothing to do with a building, except as that building serves as a place to gather. Truth is that church is not something we go to, but something we are!

So, what could we do without, as a church? Take a few moments and think about some things we do that we could do without.

Read Mark 12:28-34 and reflect on what God is shaping us to be.

Pray today that you may better understand your purpose and experience the fullness of God’s presence.

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