Reframing the Conversation about waiting to have Sex.

Reframing the Conversation about waiting to have Sex.

Thanks to Guy Chmieleski and his blog, Faith on Campus, for connecting Mosaic up with this article, “Reframing the Discussion: Shifting from Abstinence to Celibacy.”

This is an intriguing look into sex and marriage. written by Christine A. Colón an Associate Professor of English at Wheaton College. Christine is also Co-Author of “Singled Out: Why Celibacy Must be Reinvented in Today’s Church.”

“If you glance through the names of various abstinence campaigns, one word appears again and again: wait. Whether they are asked to sign a pledge, wear a ring, or attend a ball, teenagers are repeatedly reminded that if they wish to glorify God with their bodies, they must wait until marriage for sex.

Studies have shown that this message has been successful to a certain extent. Teenagers who participate in these programs generally wait about eighteen months longer than their peers before engaging in sexual activity. But is this enough?” For more ….

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