Who Wants Chicken On A Toothpick?

Who Wants Chicken On A Toothpick?

Just recently, I was sitting amongst the crowds at a local food court when I noticed perhaps the truest revelation of the gospel I have discovered. Sometime I feel like my relationship with Christ is like that. It is like discovering new things in weird places.

This guy that spoke very little English stood outside of my favorite restaurant handing out chicken to people passing by. Strangely enough, I must of watched this cycle of chicken dispensing for ten minutes and much to my surprise only four people took a free piece of chicken on a toothpick.4 People!! I wanted at some points to scream at people saying, “Just take the chicken, it isn’t going to kill you,” but upon remembering that public disturbance is frowned upon on grad school applications, I sat quietly.

I remember thinking…four people…it’s free chicken…why wouldn’t you take free chicken. I know some of you are already compiling a list in your head as to why you wouldn’t take free chicken of which sanitary cleaning processes of chickens under 4 pounds doesn’t count as a legitimate reason. Some of you think like that, but I don’t. I think like…it’s free chicken.

So I sat there wondering over this concept that was most likely to be voted biggest waste of time, when this voice inside of me erupted. I had missed it as I always do, “WHO WANTS CHICKEN ON A TOOTHPICK, WHEN A FEAST IS OFFERED.”

Right behind this man, who I will call Samual because it’s my blog post, was this buffet of food…delicious food…food that would satisfy a hungry stomach. It wasn’t chicken on a toothpick, but rather a feast on a platter. Samual was trying to entice people to the feast with a toothpick all the while blocking the view of what was really of value, the feast. If only he would have gotten out of the way and just let people know about the feast that would cure the hunger that people lived with.

I think we have done the exact same thing with Christ. We stand speaking some Christian language no one understands and shove a cheap substitute of the gospel of grace in people’s faces. We dance with knowledge, never hearing the music of truth. It is as if something is missing. The reason no one wants our Jesus is simply that we don’t offer the feast, we only offer chicken on a toothpick. We only offer religion, rules, self-help concepts, small gods, survival ministries, and try-harder Christianity.

Jesus says I have come so you can have the feast.
Jesus says that we have missed the point.

The point was never to offer a quick solution to eternal problems. It was never the point to build programs based on solid formulas. It was never the point to get together and go hand out toothpicks. The point was to show people the feast and invite them in and this time it won’t be paper plates. This time it will be a banquet of lovers gathered to worship truth. That is weird I know, but beautiful at the same time. May we put down our small plates of chicken and endless supplies of toothpicks and get out of the way of the feast and start inviting people to dive in and hunger no more. Let us become less dependant on cultural relevancy in Christianity and more concerned about Christ relevancy in culture.

This Jesus that we offer isn’t as free as we lead people to believe. I think that is why people still hunger after they hear the gospel. The Jesus that is real is the Jesus that will cost us everything and in return, we will get so much more. Jesus says, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry.”

  • The problem with our toothpick version of Christianity is that people soon become hungry.
  • With Christ, no one ever does.
  • Let’s offer the feast of the whole Gospel and what Jesus satisfy completely.

about Scott

Aside from his role as college pastor with Mosaic, Scott works with a non-profit called Friends Life that focuses on the needs of adults with disabilities as well as writing for Fringe Magazine.

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